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All Hallows Eve

For all those who died.  For all those who died- stripped naked, shaved, shorn. For all those who screamed in vain to the Great Goddess only to have their tongues ripped out at the root. For all those who were pricked, racked, broken on the wheel for the sins of their Inquisitors. For all those whose beauty stirred their torturers to fury; & for all those whose ugliness did the same. For all those who were neither ugly nor beautiful, but only women who would not submit. For all those quick fingers broken in the vise. For all those soft arms pulled from their sockets. For all those budding breasts ripped with hot pincers. For all those midwives killed merely for the sin of delivering man to an imperfect world. For all those witch-women, my sisters, who breathed freer as the flames took them, knowing as they shed their female bodies, the seared flesh falling like fruit in the flames, that death alone would cleanse them of the sin for which they died the sin of bei

Death, shoes & honeysuckle.

W as out walking my nice's dog...& watching her go nuts in the bushes made me notice nature's weird & wonderful ways. Cause on the ground there were half rotten leaves & a puddle with the first glimpse of frost on it. Looked like tiny frost faeries had been dancing over it. Hanging over the stone fence just behind us was a huge honeysuckle with a few ❀ flowers ❀ on it. I love the fact that in the midst of all this withering & death, nature actually have time to bring forth new beginnings...a short lived one of that. But still, that last remembrance of warmer days wrapped up in that little scented flower is simply l ♥ vely! ;P Cycl €  of life. ;P Gotta love it! My new shoes or military boots from the orthopedic doc. Made just for me. Yeay! They where a tad bit too big around the shin, but that's what leg-warmers & woolen socks are made for. STUFF IIIT! ;P Found those bright orange flowers in a garden I walked past. Kinda get the feeling


I f you didn't already know it - I friggin' L ♥ VE autumn!!! Longer nights, leaves on the ground, warm soothing colours, savory pies, carved pumpkins & snugglin'...lots & lots of snugglin'!!! It might seem like I'm all cosy & tucked away under a heavy woolen blanket, beside a roaring fire now...but...naaah, I'm by my desk & almost can't feel my fingers cause it's 14.5 C inside & it's taking like forever to get my radiator s**t to work. *snarl* But - & that's a big BUT, I'm noooot going to be a grump about it. Cause it's my favorite time of year! The only thing that makes me grumpy is people celebrating yule, x-mas, etc. in october. Actually, I become grinchy when people get all dingly dangly bells & ♬ deck the halls blablablablahblah ♬ before december 1st. I get that preparing markets, parties & stuff like that needs to be done waaay ahead of time. But you're not getting me to dress up as Santa's