Candle galore

I went away for a month & came home to an incredible deep blue sky...& the trees are all dressed up in the most beautiful autumn colours. I absolutely adore this time of year!!! ...& since the day puts on it's cloak of darkness a bit earlier each day, I get to see the stars twinkle a little longer too. Sometimes even a shooting star...& oh, how I wish for...I really shouldn't tell you that, should I? ;)

Sooo, tonight I've candle galore in the house. It's f'in freezing here, so candles & a cup of tea's helping me to mend the fact that I feel like a friggin' popsicle. Brrr!!! + Reading Madame Curie & listening to Tank ft. Chris Brown

So this is me when I read without music.

This is when the music plays. xD 'tard!

Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to.  ~Author Unknown.


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