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O k, so maybe most people like to live in asylums. But when you brag about the crispy "Chi" pillows on your "Winter poetry" sofa, in your "Cotton" living room in your "Fashion" house & how the colours go so well together & how one brightens up the gives me this insane urge to scream: I T'S WHIIIIIIITE FOR F**K'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO MATTER WHAT SHADE OF THE FRIGGIN' COLOUR YOU CHOOSE, IT'S STILL WHITE!!!! EVERYTHING'S WHIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!!!! I'm not saying you should be allergic to white. Just open your eyes to other colours & textures, be experi MENTAL ! Heck, it's stick your head outside & have a little looksie at the beautiful show nature displays these days. It's f'in awesome!!! Take a risk & welcome nature in for a couple of months!  ...then you'll have your precious white again - winter white . ;P ~Linn Mere color, unspoiled b

Candle galore

I went away for a month & came home to an incredible deep blue sky...& the trees are all dressed up in the most beautiful autumn colours. I absolutely adore this time of year!!! ...& since the day puts on it's cloak of darkness a bit earlier each day, I get to see the stars twinkle a little longer too. Sometimes even a shooting star...& oh, how I wish for...I really shouldn't tell you that, should I? ;) S ooo, tonight I've candle galore in the house. It's f'in freezing here, so candles & a cup of tea's helping me to mend the fact that I feel like a friggin' popsicle. Brrr!!! + Reading Madame Curie & listening to Tank ft. Chris Brown .  S o this is me when I read without music. T his is when the music plays. xD 'tard! ~Linn. Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to.  ~Author Unknown.