This n' that..., last week I got the question: "Are you ambivalent?" Safe to say that I wasn't prepared for that one. My mind went into a complete tug o' war. .oO(Yes-no-yes-no-am I? ;P) Cause first of all - my interpretation of the word, might not coincide with if I started to rant about all of my thoughts around it & he wasn't on the same wave-lenght, I'd probably still be there babbling away. So didn't really give a straight answer. :P Kinda been dissecting it though. Maybe it's from growing up always asking questions & if the answers didn't soothe my mind, then I continued digging. Always known there's several sides to every issue...many ways to approach a dilemma. So you see, MY world isn't black or white. It's always been a perfect shade of nature. ;) & when it comes to making decisions I'm definitively not unable. Just usually make the huge decisions with the ones closest to me in mind. ^^ Anyway...I'm a thinker, so sometimes I might dwell in my "gray-matter"-realm for quite a long time. But I know what my beliefs are, what I want & I'm perfectly aware that it'll take time, planning & a huge amount of effort on my part to get there...but when I do I've done it my way ;) Oh great Goddess, this isn't the day for dwelling too much on deep "Me, Myself & I"-things. So I'll just end this evening with showing some of the things I've been doing lately...

This is an old door I have in my hallway...since I don't really have any
walls there. Cause everything is in a constant state of "fixer-upper". 
So I'm kinda forced to have alternative ways to hang our jackets, etc. 
The old lamp thingy used to be my grandmother' I've stuck a little
battery driven candle there, to kinda set the mood a bit. Really cosy! ;)

This is exclay concrete blocks with three holes in it. I usually paint them
every year...depends on the color scheme I'm into at the moment. As you
can see it's black now. High gloss oil paint. I know it really doesn't show
on the crappy pic...but take my word for it, it is. ;) I use them as planters.
Usually for herbs, but this year I've been trying to grow a few willow
trees also. The sage keeps coming back each year, so you can let it stay
outside in the winter. Used to have them as table-legs with a glass top
on it before...the holes are great to have candles in...or wine bottles. ;)

This was my view on midsummer eve. Lovely ey? ;) 

 This old desk was sold at a market I worked at this weekend. Charming as hell right?

Cute little white thingy...

I made the little sign for Edith's hage.

The little white crate got one of my swirly thing on it. :P 

Well, I'm off to bed... Nite nite, loves! 

 Sometimes I think and other times I am.  ~Paul Valéry.


Old Chic said…

Og takk for hyggelig kommentar.
-Ha en fin dag : )

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