Last night

I did this:

Ok, so it's not victorian...but a nice piece of furniture that fits right in.
It isn't deep & it's practical. So I painted it brown & then I used a shade
of green inside the shelfs. I'm feeling green these days, so I'll just go with it. :P

Couldn't stand the original red print on this crate, so I used the same
green I painted the shelf thingy with. Really liked the end result. ^^

It was my son's idea to stick the branch sticker at the back. Turned
out really nice. It's from Søstrene Grene. :) ...& yeah, it's a couple of 
dices dangling from the key. :P Love whimsical things like that! ;)

Have a marvelous day!

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.  ~Henry Ward Beecher.


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