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Sea of ❀ ❀ ❀

O ut of the ruins of Friday's devastation grew a garden of love. ♥ Here are more amazing pictures. :) ~Linn. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."  ~From a headstone in Ireland.

Atrocious friday

S itting here surrounded by white candles, trying to make sense of it all... On friday the music was flowing through the radio, when suddenly a man started speaking about a bomb going off in the middle of Oslo. My instant reaction was: "Is this a joke?", but it soon became apparent that it was more than real. I didn't get shocked, cause it's only been a matter of time... But it was extremely surreal!! Cause the kingdom of Norway's been a fairly safe place to be. We're actually able to take for granted the freedom of speech, beliefs, etc. But in my opinion the whole "open society"-coin has it's flip side... Like our open borders, which attracts its fair share of shady people. & it's safe to say that the whole downsizing the police, military & other security forces haven't exactly been the smartest decision. Why the people who are committed to keeping us safe haven't had the means to do their jobs properly is a quest

Last night

I did this: Ok, so it's not victorian...but a nice piece of furniture that fits right in. It isn't deep & it's practical. So I painted it brown & then I used a shade of green inside the shelfs. I'm feeling green these days, so I'll just go with it. :P Couldn't stand the original red print on this crate, so I used the same green I painted the shelf thingy with. Really liked the end result. ^^ It was my son's idea to stick the branch sticker at the back. Turned out really nice. It's from Søstrene Grene . :) ...& yeah, it's a couple of  dices dangling from the key. :P Love whimsical things like that! ;) Have a marvelous day! ~Linn. Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.   ~Henry Ward Beecher.

This n' that...

O, last week I got the question: "Are you ambivalent?" Safe to say that I wasn't prepared for that one. My mind went into a complete tug o' war. .oO(Yes-no-yes-no-am I? ;P) Cause first of all - my interpretation of the word, might not coincide with if I started to rant about all of my thoughts around it & he wasn't on the same wave-lenght, I'd probably still be there babbling away. So didn't really give a straight answer. :P Kinda been dissecting it though. Maybe it's from growing up always asking questions & if the answers didn't soothe my mind, then I continued digging. Always known there's several sides to every issue...many ways to approach a dilemma. So you see, MY world isn't black or white. It's always been a perfect shade of nature. ;) & when it comes to making decisions I'm definitively not unable. Just usually make the huge decisions with the ones closest to me in mind. ^^ Anyway...