Yesterday I got so pissed off at getting sick almost all the freakin' time. So, I decided to succumb to whatever restitution plan Nature has in store for me...& basically proclaimed that - if doing that takes me barefoot through summer solstice or draped in midsummer madness, dancing with the faery queen...so be it! So, I'll be following my gut a 100% from here on. Doing anything else always seem to lead me straight to (pardon my english) the shitter anyway. *sighs* I'm so angry & fed up these days. It's exhausting! Probably cause of the whole Acute bronchitis thing, & haven't been able to go to the gym to get out all the pent up energy...but also cause I'm plain ol' miserable here. I'm tired of trying to please the ones around me only to get dismay in return. But even more tired of spineless people thinking & wanting one thing, but still pussyfooting around. Have I complained enough now? Naaah, got one more thing to get off my chest: Creativity, where forth art thou?! I think it's gone MIA or something. I miss doing creative things all day long...MY non stop creative flow. :( If I'd be really negative now I'd say that it's quite heartbreaking & very discouraging. Actually making me consider applying for this lazy ass job. It requires you to watch the grass grow...at least I'll be outside this summer. ;) 
Had a go at being creative today though. This is the result:
I didn't enjoy a single moment of it & that sucks big time! ...just being honest. But 
at least I have a permanent place for all my fake fur blankets & fluffy throws. ;P

Considering selling everything these days... So if you've seen anything you like here - make me an offer! You have to come pick it up if it's to big to send though. 

I'll stick my head back in my bliss-cocoon now. Dangerous on the outside... ;)

Have a lovely evening. ^^

It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.  ~Annie Gottlier.


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