My heart is big, but it beat quiet...

Haven't been home in a couple of weeks... A few months back I got this offer from my doc, & I accepted. It was an opportunity to work out at an old military base...& have to say, that's probably the best decision I've ever made. It's been eye opening. I've gone to the gym before & all that, but something inside awoke. I've rekindled the pure love I have for working my butt off, & having fun doing it. ;P When I soaked my body in the pool there & started to f. crawl... Oooh, the feeling I got was so familiar, soothing...I was home. Each breath, each stroke...home. Felt like my soul shined through my flesh & wrapped itself around me. Sooo, reckon I've been inside a bliss-cocoon...still am. Wonder what'll appear...maybe a Palos Verdes Blue? I've been dreaming about white shores...& me standing there, covered in a gazillion blue butterflies. When I start to dance & they all fly away...there's a new me...I'm longing for her... :)
So...I've had an amazing time, with amazing people. Each & everyone of them equally special, with a warmth I've seldom experienced. Wish I could put the love I feel into words...but there are none. Perhaps that's how family's supposed to feel like?  Can't wait for the reunion this fall... ;)

Well, I'm heading out now. Gonna take my bike for a ride through the forest...give the neighbors a rest. :P Been playing Chris Brown's Deuces over & over again. :P Not the worst I've had on repeat though...think they wanted to strangle me when I had a Black Dragon day. ;P

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill.


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