A quick update

It's the middle of may already & I noticed I haven't written squiddly doo this month. o.O Can't really blame it on work either...even though it's been a lot to do... Fun stuff actually! Relocated a whole store. Been at a trade fair for cabins & cabin equipment. ;) Helped set up a couple of boots or displays or whatever it's called, for Litt a` hvert. Then kinda took over some of the other displays with different knick knacks to make it a bit more homely. They took pictures of it...so think/hope they liked it. ;P
Also been at my youngest niece's birthday party. :) 10 years!!! She got some spending money & flowers. :D I know the gift might've been a bit dull... But I do think that a young lady should get used to receiving bouquets of flowers. ;) 
I've also been at a shoe fitting. :D Weird plastic shoes...but I do envision the end result! Actually, I really wouldn't mind walking around in them as is. Cause the sole itself made me feel like I was completely balanced. It was nice! :) So hope they'll work faaaaaast!!! Hate the wait. ;)


Been painting too!! Furniture, suitcases, signs & even a painting. Don't think there's one night I've gone to bed without being covered in some sort of paint. The oil based is reallyyyy hard to scrub off. Don't wanna expose myself to tooooo much chemicals...so scrubbing's the #1. choice for me. :) Here's one of the things I've been working on:

 Found this suitcase at Fretex Moss. It was love at first sight! ;)

Had to paint it white though... I'm not that fond of dark blue.
It's still in need of one more coat of paint, plus a new lining... :)

BTW, I managed to sleep for like 15 hours straight this weekend...got pissed. Cause it's such a waste of time, but:


I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.  ~Pablo Picasso.


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