Norway's national day!

Today's the Norwegian constitution day...but we usually don't call it that. It's just simply the 17th of may. ^^ We celebrate it by putting on our finest clothes, hoisting the norwegian flag to the top, parading around in the streets singing & celebrating. Nice ey? :)
Our constitution was signed at Eidsvoll on this day, nearly 200 years ago. Almost a hundred of those were spent in a union with Sweden...& why on earth we managed to stay in a danish union for a "400 years long night" before that, I really don't know? We've basically been someone else's bitch for the good part of a millennium. o.O Sooo, I kinda see why the celebrations wasn't as big as it is today until the end of the 1800s...cause who would wanna wave around flags that looks like this one? ;P

This flag's ours. Been in my mums family for a loooong time.
It's almost 2 x 3 meters. So it's huge! Probably been at a public
place somewhere... & it's safe to say that it's over 100 years old.

You know what? I love the monarchy, our flag, the fact that it's nothing over the top patriotic about it...some people would probably disagree with me on that one... But seriously, come to Norway on the 17th of may, experience it. I guarantee you'll feel exactly the same. Cause it's just us coming together, under a sea of red, white & blue...celebrating the fact that we're able to do just that - be joyous, free & unified.

"The spectacles of experience, through them you will see clearly a second time." ~Henrik Ibsen.


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