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Norway's national day!

Today's the Norwegianconstitution day...but we usually don't call it that. It's just simply the 17th of may. ^^ We celebrate it by putting on our finest clothes, hoisting the norwegian flag to the top, parading around in the streets singing & celebrating. Nice ey? :) Our constitution was signed at Eidsvoll on this day, nearly 200 years ago. Almost a hundred of those were spent in a union with Sweden...& why on earth we managed to stay in a danish union for a "400 years long night" before that, I really don't know? We've basically been someone else's bitch for the good part of a millennium. o.O Sooo, I kinda see why the celebrations wasn't as big as it is today until the end of the 1800s...cause who would wanna wave around flags that looks like this one? ;P
This flag's ours. Been in my mums family for a loooong time. It's almost 2 x 3 meters. So it's huge! Probably been at a public place somewhere... & it's safe to say that …

A quick update

It's the middle of may already & I noticed I haven't written squiddly doo this month. o.O Can't really blame it on work either...even though it's been a lot to do... Fun stuff actually! Relocated a whole store. Been at a trade fair for cabins & cabin equipment. ;) Helped set up a couple of boots or displays or whatever it's called, for Litt a` hvert. Then kinda took over some of the other displays with different knick knacks to make it a bit more homely. They took pictures of think/hope they liked it. ;P Also been at my youngest niece's birthday party. :) 10 years!!! She got some spending money & flowers. :D I know the gift might've been a bit dull... But I do think that a young lady should get used to receiving bouquets of flowers. ;)  I've also been at a shoe fitting. :D Weird plastic shoes...but I do envision the end result! Actually, I really wouldn't mind walking around in them as is. Cause the sole itself made me feel like I …