So, this afternoon aka yesterday I ended up at an Outlet thingy about 20 minutes from where I live. Loooooads of cool clothes, shoes, etc. So my son got some cool new Vans shoes & a couple of sweaters from Abercrombie & Fitch  (...which I absolutely adore!!), & I...well, I died for a second there & went straight to Le Creuset heaven!!!!!!! Thank the Gods for my mum & her sensible world view. "It'll still be here the next time you come. Think about what you need, what'll fit in, not what you want. Come on, lets go now..." xD Haha! I actually almost cried in there! :P I still got the nice lady in the store to find out if they could get the pancake pan in cream though... So I'll eagerly wait for my phone to ring after the holidays. :P ...& I'll be like a kid in a candy shop when I receive their monthly newsletter. Wooooho!!! ;D Have to say that the things they make lasts a lifetime if it's treated properly. My mum's casserole lasted well over 35 years...until I broke it. :/ But aaaanyway, what I'm trying to say here is that it's a f*****g good brand! ...& basically - I want it all!!! xD 
Then we drove to another outlet...& there I found a storage tin from Typhoon. I couldn't resist. :P It's so cute! They also had it in blue, but my mum's words where still ringing in my ears: "Think about...what will fit in..." ;P Sooo, I grabbed the cream colored tin & ran towards the registry & did a small victory dance. 
Well, this is me & our new family member called Sweet! (in norwegian of course):

It's filled with cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

It came with loads of labels, but I wrote "Søtt" (sweet) of course. ;)


The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. 
~Germaine Greer. 


Unknown said…
Hei Linn
Jeg inviterer til boklansering av Sjarmerende Uterom fredag 29.4 fra kl. 17.00 og utover. Festen er i Fotograf Helge Eeks atelier her på Jeløy.
Hyggelig om du kommer.
Lidyll said…
Hei du!
....morro at du hang deg på utfordringen min...står ingen ting om at du har hengdt deg på den i innlegget, men det er vel riktig innlegg jeg har kommet til? Hvis ikke får du gi meg beskjed, så kan jeg rette det for deg*smile*

...fin bloggejente*smile*

Ønsker deg en flott helg!
Klem fra meg
Linn said…
Sendte deg en mail med denne linken: http://www.scentofsulphur.com/2011/11/linn.html :) Håper du har fått den & at helgen var flott! :)

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