These days I'm feeling like I'm overflowing with creativity...so much that it actually paralyzes me. Can't even begin to tell you how frustrating that is!! When I'm in these periods I just wish I could lock myself in a huge room filled with artsy paint & tools...or go wild in peoples houses. But it gets smothered by having to do stuuupid things, like answering the phone, opening mail & practical s**t like that. It just feels so wasted. Maybe I kinda get artists that lose themselves in their craft. Yet, I really don't get the whole "I'm-sooo-special-that-I-need-to-make-huge-gestures-with-my-hands-when-I-speak-&-wear-outrageous-costumes-so-I'll-get-noticed-by-everyone"-thing. But the point is - I want to be creative...I need it! ...& I want people to understand that, harvest it...dunno, maybe I'm just rambling again. Cause since I got home from a dinner at my mum's around 22 P.M. I've made 5 sketches, painted 3 signs & 2 crates, plus sown 5 zipper brooches & a pillow. (...& still feel like I haven't done a thing!? Crazyyy, I know. xD Haha!) Can't show it here cause it's for work & birthdays...& really don't wanna spoil the surprise. But I'll show you later on. :)

Btw, I'm getting quite excited these days. Cause soon my new shoes will arrive!! <3 The first of them at least. :) Wanted them to look like these

...from when the orthopedic guy made some custom molds. My feet felt claustrophobic!! ;)
I'm getting a few more...they'll all be pitch black & resemble these:     (...each flower is a different link. ;p)  Then I'll probably order some more next year. Haven't really had the chance to buy shoes that fits properly before. Except for some Birkenstock sandals my family bought me. So I'm glad my feet will get to relax in 'em! <3 :D 

Oooh, since I got my NewOld dresser I kinda don't need my old one...so my son's the proud owner of it. & since white isn't really his thing we're either going to paint it black & have some freaky knobs on it...or I'll go wild - Marvel style, on it. He still want some freaky knobs though...so I might be tempted to create a mold & make some myself. Depends a bit on what's out there really. We'll have a sniff around for it soon. :) 

Have to go now, & do something else than ramble on & on about me, myself & I. :)

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  ~Attributed to Howard Thurman.


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