Our bland porch...

Today's weather isn't quite impressive as yesterday's. But ooooh well...at least there's no snow in sight. ;)
These are the fruits of yesterday's labor:
Our porch basically looking like s**t. No colors, a real zzzsnor...
Our bench, just before I attacked it with my very special homemade lemon scented cleaning blend. 
Then I painted "Welcome to our porch." on it. I seldom welcome people in, so it seemed  fitting... ;)
Probably needs a lick of white paint too...buuut that'll have to wait. 
Our doormat needed to get painted too. I really love it, so don't want it to rust away. Oooh, that makes me think of one of those wroth iron racks for wellies. I soooo want one of these: 
I started to paint this table too... It's going to be pitch black & hopefully I'll manage to make two benches for it . Don't dare to paint it today, incase it starts to rain. :/
Everything needs to get painted & we definitively need to get some colors here, by adding pillows, throws, candles &  flowers. But I'll make it happen! ;)  
...& now I'm gonna get comfy, have a cup of tea & plan the activities & menu for the upcoming feast. Yeay! Then I'm gonna drag my son out shopping for clothes. ;P
A day is Eternity's seed, and we are its Gardeners.  ~Erika Harris.


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