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Today I woke up to the most gorgeous weather! It's absolutely amazing! :D The sun's shining & the warmth...ooooh the warmth is so incredible. :) Think this actually is the first day in 2011 I can say I've had all the windows wide open, without getting cold. :D A little birdie was singing it's little  out outside. So I staggered out of bed & popped my head out for a little looksie. & there it was...a little brown bird. I got a pic of it with my lovely pink cellphone. But that turned into a no-bird-all-branchy-brown-tree-pixel-poop-stew. *sighs* Then it flew away. (Probably cause it got a glance of my "morning face".  xD) Anyway, I got a bit inspired to do things...so hopefully my body will keep up with my brain today. ;)

Last weekend me & my youngest niece dived into the easter decorations. Didn't get to paint eggs with her, but I hope I'll get the chance in the next couple of days. :0) She put strings of pearls into some shells I've collected at the beach & nested a tiny egg in the middle of them. Then arranged bunnies & chickens everywhere! So it's quite cosy.  

I decided to paint something on one of my crates. It ended up with Once upon a time'ish thing, but in norwegian. Not sure if I like the blue yet, but that can easily be altered. :)

 Some of the ingredients you need for a cosy evening! ;)

I painted the cola bottle with white enamel paint & use it as a vase.

For those of you that wonder - yes, it's animal skin (antelope). It's been in our family since I can remember, so I'm not about to throw it out. I'm all for using OLD furs & animal skin...cause it's already been done to them & I think it's better to give it a purpose, or a new life, rather than burning it or throwing it away.

My son gave me this bouquet of wildflowers aka wood anemone. :D ...& I have to say, when he does that...it's the real beginning of the growing season for me. Makes me look forward to Lily of the valley bouquets, bright yellow Coltsfoots & especially Lilacs!! The smell is wonderful! :) 

Oooh, speaking of the growing season... When my niece was here last weekend she planted some sugar snap peas. They've grown like mad, sooo guess we'll be having a bunch of 'em! :D Just wondering what to plant them in this year. Have to be something on wheels...so guess I'll be twisting my brain & keeping my eyes opened for good ideas. I'm also on the lookout for a retro looking colander. Cause I really wanna hang my strawberries this year too...but this time I want good drainage - hence the colander. ;) Sooo nice to reach up for strawberries instead of having to trawl through half rotten, dirt covered ones. ;D

 Sara Louise's sugar snap peas. 
Now I have some grand plans of washing my porch bench, paint a few words on it & then paint my iron doormat. Wish me luck!

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams.


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