Beltain ❀

May's eve is finally here. :) April went by like a wink of an eye didn't it?

Discovered lovely things, like this picnic basket. was at a store called Dorothea. 

Found wearable treasures...

Great idea for my brooms...

Eggs & curry mayonnaise on the easter menu... ;)

Transformable treasures...

Think that sign's for the parents to be honest... ;P

I love to see Ravn have fun... Even though he looked a bit green at the end. xD

*Internal joke*

Some wee people visited us... 

I even got to "do my thang" at the Litt a` hvert store. Was amazingly fun to decorate with all the things there. So if you have the chance to visit Røed gård, then be sure to swing by the interior shop too. ;)

I'm heading out now. Bonfires, fairies, star gazing & so on... ;) But I'll leave you with this amazing voice:

I think that people who can't believe in fairies aren't worth knowing.  ~Tori Amos.


Unknown said…
Hei Linn
takk for hyggelig kommentar...synd at det ble litt stress for deg med flytting av butikk...jeg kommer innom å besøker dere til neste helg.
Piknikk kurven er helt i min stil og må nok ta en tur til Dorotea snart.
Kos deg i sola og nyt 1. mai.

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