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Beltain ❀

May's eve is finally here. :) April went by like a wink of an eye didn't it? Discovered lovely things, like this picnic basket. was at a store called  Dorothea .   Found wearable treasures... Great idea for my brooms... Eggs & curry mayonnaise on the easter menu... ;) Transformable treasures... Think that sign's for the parents to be honest... ;P I love to see Ravn have fun... Even though he looked a bit green at the end. xD *Internal joke* Some wee people visited us...  ♥ I even got to "do my thang" at the  Litt a` hvert  store. Was amazingly fun to decorate with all the things there. So if you have the chance to visit  Røed gård , then be sure to swing by the interior shop too. ;) I'm heading out now. Bonfires, fairies, star gazing & so on... ;) But I'll leave you with this amazing voice: ~Linn. I think that people who can't beli


S o, this afternoon aka yesterday I ended up at an Outlet thingy about 20 minutes from where I live. Loooooads of cool clothes, shoes, etc. So my son got some cool new Vans shoes & a couple of sweaters from   A b e r c r o m b i e & F i t c h   ♥   (...which I absolutely adore!!) , &  I...well, I died for a second  there & went straight to Le Creuset heaven!!!!!!! Thank the Gods for my mum & her sensible world view. "It'll still be here the next time you come. Think about what you need, what'll fit in, not what you want. Come on, lets go now..." xD Haha! I actually almost cried in there! :P I still got the nice lady in the store to find out if they could get the pancake pan in cream though... So I'll eagerly wait for my phone to ring after the holidays. :P ...& I'll be like a kid in a candy shop when I receive their monthly newsletter. Wooooho!!! ;D Have to say that the things they make lasts a lifetime if it's treated properly.

Our bland porch...

T oday's weather isn't quite impressive as yesterday's. But ooooh least there's no snow in sight. ;) T hese are the fruits of yesterday's labor: Our porch basically looking like s**t. No colors, a real zzzsnor... Our bench, just before I attacked it with my very special homemade lemon scented cleaning blend.  Then I painted "Welcome to our porch." on it. I seldom welcome people in, so it seemed  fitting... ;) Probably needs a lick of white paint too...buuut that'll have to wait.  Our doormat needed to get painted too. I really love it, so don't want it to rust away. Oooh, that makes me think of one of those wroth iron racks for wellies. I soooo want one of these: I started to paint this table too... It's going to be pitch black & hopefully I'll manage to make two benches for it . Don't dare to paint it today, incase it starts to rain

❀ Inspiration ❀

T oday I woke up to the most gorgeous weather! ♥ It's absolutely amazing! :D The sun's shining & the warmth...ooooh the warmth is so incredible. :) Think this actually is the first day in 2011 I can say I've had all the windows wide open, without getting cold. :D A little birdie was singing it's little  ♥  out outside. So I staggered out of bed & popped my head out for a little looksie. & there it was...a little brown bird. I got a pic of it with my lovely pink cellphone. But that turned into a no-bird-all-branchy-brown-tree-pixel-poop-stew. *sighs* Then it flew away. (Probably cause it got a glance of my "morning face".  xD) Anyway, I got a bit inspired to do hopefully my body will keep up with my brain today. ;) L ast weekend me & my youngest niece dived into the easter decorations. Didn't get to paint eggs with her, but I hope I'll get the chance in the next couple of days. :0) She put strings of pearls into some

Study lamp & books.

I t's been a long week... Felt like my body collapsed on friday evening. Was like my brain said to my body: "Oooh, spring vacation!!! Sunshine, sunblock, BBQ at the beach, finish my projects/work, socializing, fun-fun-fun!!!" ...& my body replied with *shutting down*. xD Haha!  BUT! I managed to finish one of my lamp projects before completely collapsing. :) Wasn't that much to do really. Just had to get off the awful blue-green'ish smelly fabric that was on it & replace it with something else. It was going in my son's room, as a study lamp. Sooo I wasn't allowed to make it too feminine. :p It was only I took a piece of plastic from an old IKEA lamp I had, just to 'fireproof' the inside. Then I took a sheet from a gigantic atlas I bought a while back & glued it on the outside of the plastic. Then fixed the whole thing inside the lamp screen thingy. Not my best job, but hey - I was dead tired! ;p Dismantled on my desk... ;)

Just blowing off some steam...

W hen I skimmed through the mail today I noticed a pamphlet addressed to my son. It was from The norwegian church ...with information about confirmation . On the back it was written in yellow colour: "The permission to distribute this pamphlet  to everyone born in 1997 + address information's been given by the State through The norwegian tax administration ." o.O I really feel that they've stepped over a boundary this time. Cause he's never been baptised & he's not in The norwegian church. I actually had to let The norwegian church know - twice - that he should be taken out of their registry . (Same happened to me.) I get kinda pissed when they try to draw in someone I've used 13 years to teach about the beautiful diversity we have here on our blue orb . ...& I do hope I've given him enough knowledge to make a sound & reasonable decision about his beliefs when HE's ready...not when society expects & wants him to. I'm not aga

SO FAr so good!

W oke up this morning with a growing aversion to all things social. Not completely sure why? Maybe a mix between the endless stream of moronic messages from vacuous drunks, & recent irrational behavior of loved ones...I dunno. But I haven't given into it yet, so moooving on! ;D M y sofa's found herself a new owner. They're such a match! Cute as a bug both of them. :) So now I'm in the market for a new one! I want something sturdy & unique. Been looking at a few from IKEA...but the uniqueness instantly jumps out the window & commits suicide just by the thought. But I do want something that's kinda L-shaped. I know that isn't very Feng Shui... But it's cosy to snuggle up in a corner, isn't it? ;) I've also snooped around for "shipping pallet sofa"-ideas. & some of them are quite cool.  L O O K !  ☟ I think this originates from  Bo bedre . BUT, is it a tad bit ShabbyIndustrial for me? Will I quickly grow tir


T hese days I'm feeling like I'm overflowing with much that it actually paralyzes me. Can't even begin to tell you how frustrating that is!! When I'm in these periods I just wish I could lock myself in a huge room filled with artsy paint & tools...or go wild in peoples houses. But it gets smothered by having to do stuuupid things, like answering the phone, opening mail & practical s**t like that. It just feels so wasted. Maybe I kinda get artists that lose themselves in their craft. Yet, I really don't get the whole "I'm-sooo-special-that-I-need-to-make-huge-gestures-with-my-hands-when-I-speak-&-wear-outrageous-costumes-so-I'll-get-noticed-by-everyone"-thing. But the point is - I want to be creative...I need it! ...& I want people to understand that, harvest it...dunno, maybe I'm just rambling again. Cause since I got home from a dinner at my mum's around 22 P.M. I've made 5 sketches, painted 3 signs &am


I 'm actually heading out today. Crossing my fingers & hoping I'll avoid hearing that awful Friday song... o.O Anyway, I just wanted to share a recipe I love. It's good as it is...but I do love to experiment with different spices & cheeses. Cooking is always best when you add your own twist to. ;) Just click on the pic! ;P H ave a lovely friday!  ❀ ~ Linn. A good friend is cheaper than therapy.   ~Author Unknown.