Spring Sprang Sprung

Still hurting all over...but, the sun's been shining all day so I've been focusing on that instead. Dreaming about spring, nettle soup & filling my larder. Cause right now, all I have from last year's harvest is some measly oregano. So guess I need to get more this year. :) It's weird, but I kinda feel the sap rising in the trees... Seeing my Belladonna grow again doesn't exactly make the whole spring-craze go away either. So it's about time Eostre soared over this place & evoked spring. Cause I need colours, green grass & wild flowers!!!! 

My Belladonna's waking up from a long slumber. <3
By the way, today I had my own little private giveaway... Don't think he thought it was as funny as I did though... ;P Cause I think it was funny as hell! Perfect in a car. xD Didn't take me long to paint it either. 

Wonky...but no stencil. :) 

Oooh, wondering if I should sell my Cola mirror-tray-thingy. It's so cute, so maybe I'll just hang it in the kitchen. I'm selling so many things these days, starting to feel a bit hard to decide what stays or goes. Would feel so great to sell everything & start over. But you can never start over, never re-boot, you just have to evolve & make choices. ;)

Should it stay, or should it go?

I'm selling this amazingly small & cute sofa. A humongous s****y picture of it though. :P

Selling this one too, with a heavy heart. But I do need the space... 
I made a hole in the back & used it as a charging station for all our electronics. <3

Well, it's teatime!! Take care <3

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.  ~Doug Larson.


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