With one hand around a bucket & the other one writing this, I spend my sunday eve. Don't know why, but sundays seem to be "sick-day" for me. Drank some water, then it took like two seconds & my stomach went in a knot & I turned into Miss Instant Gnarly Z'ombie. o.O But, beside the whole throwing up thing I've had quite the productive day. Just cleaning & things like that. But got a lot done. Just need the warm weather now, so I can clean the windows...I actually get a bit ashamed every time the sun shines upon them. :P All grey & iffy... 

 This was my son's weekend treats. <3 ...& the book was kinda mine. ;P

One of my cheap IKEA book shelves. I use them all as a display rather than a boring
"stack-all-my-crappy-books-in-one-pile"-case. The boxes on the floor is also bought
at IKEA & I use them to store all my DVD's - in alphabetical order - nice & neatly.   

Aired out all my pillows, duvets, blanket, etc. I gave them a good bashing too...cause
it really creeps me out thinking about all those gazillion mites I share my bed with.
I'm ok with a few hundred thousand having a smorgasbord with my body, but it ends there.

Bah! My stomach's acting up again. So I'm gonna curl up on my bed & listen to this. My mum used to have the Country music channel on all the time. :P ...so that song reminds me of her, school & blue/black flannel shirts. ;P

The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.  ~William Shakespeare, Othello.


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