Golden nuggets

Today life gave me a golden nugget - again. Even though I moved like a little snail, my heart jumped around like a ball of lightning. Some people just manage to bring it out in doing a small gesture of some sort, or by giving me a glimpse into their mind. I kinda needed that...cause lately my mind's been pretty darn dark. :) 
...& have to say that I'm so glad I got reminded of this: That if we only buy beautiful things to have on display, then we need to ask ourself why? Life's happening NOW, so what are people waiting for? Share them with family, use it everyday...cause you're worth it! ;) (Cheesy, I know. Hehe.)

Here are some of the things I love & use:

Those planters was love at first sight. Even use one for my cat's grass. <3

Wish I only had hangers like these. They are so freakin' lovely!!!

These are recently bought, but I use them when I have my afternoon tea.^^

Yummy useable things! <3 ...perk: The roses never withers! <3

I just had to have this candleholder. My old one ended up at the charity shop. <3

I get happy whenever I pass it. <3 Some things do that to me... ;P

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.  ~John Barrymore.


Silje Mari said…
Takk for tankedeling:) alltid fint å få noen meninger når man er usikker selv!
Jeg er også for å bruke de fine tingene man har, det blir liksom litt nytte i dem da, men samtidig så er det noen upraktiske ting som bare er FOR nydelige til å kaste,men som jeg bare MÅ ha fremme;)
Linn said…
Hehe! Jammen da har du de fremme som ❀ eye-candy ❀...så da har de jo en nytte! ;D
Syns det bare er altfor mange som gjør fantastiske kjøp, som bare stuer det bort & bruker det til "veldig spesielle anledninger". Syns alle familier burde unne seg det & oftere samles rundt et nydelig dekket bord. Flott ting & føre videre til de yngste også. hver gang familien er samlet, så er det en spesiell anledning. ♥

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