Familiar faces in odd places

When I first glanced out of my window today, all I could see was snow, snow, snow. Didn't exactly give me the burning desire to get up. But I'm glad I did! Cause it turned out to be a lot of familiar faces out & about. All in all quite the "happy-cosy-smiley"-day actually! ;) Met an "old" friend of mine. :) I got so happy when I saw her! All the memories that came rushing back just made me smile. Weird though, cause I met her brother last week. Hadn't seen him in ages either. <3 I used to be a lot at their farm. Picking stones out of the potato harvester, getting burned by the sun & breaking her mum's wooden spoon...balled my eyes out then. But the way she handled it is something I'll never forget. In a calm soothing voice: "It's ok sweetie, it's only a spoon." <3 ...lo & behold, I got to hear it again!!! She suddenly popped up beside me & gave me a big hug a few hours after I got to see my friend! Great Goddess, how I loved that family! ...still do. :)

A little easter display I made for Fretex. <3 The rabbit's from Sally AnnGot to use broken dish,
then just added soil & fast growing grass, + a little thought bubble, "Please don't steal me". ;)

These zipper flowers are really easy to make. I'm making a bunch of them into brooches. <3
(Sorry about the poor quality picture.) 
Oooh, btw! I met Gine today & her oh so lovely friend! ;D Just the energy boost I needed! ...so thanks sweeties! ;P <3
Also met Ellen today. She's always smiling, & it's fun sharing ideas & kind words with her. :) She has a new book out. You can check it out here. It actually makes me wanna go outside with a blow dryer & force the snow to go away. I NEED SPRING SO I CAN DO STUFF OUTSIDE!!! 

Again, a really baaaad pic...but just wanted to remind myself of April Fools day tomorrow. ;)
Freezing my butt off now. So I'm heading for bed...but first, *drumroll* TEA!!! ;P

Gardens... should be like lovely, well-shaped girls:  all curves, secret corners, unexpected deviations, seductive surprises and then still more curves.  ~H.E. Bates, A Love of Flowers.


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