Bearded lady!

I've found this picture of a bearded lady, & had to laugh. Cause someone's written a huge question mark on the back of it. :P ...I'm kinda of the same opinion. Hope the whole beard growth thingy won't kick in until I'm waaaaay over a 100 years old. ;)
I'm in awe!
Speaking of awe, I've always been told that one of my mother's uncles was a suspect in the Lindberg baby's kidnapping. Think he even dated the nanny or something like that. :) Well, I found cards from him to his mother. And pictures! So trying to gather all the info on him...when I'm done I'll post it. :) Fun fun! :D Gonna be a while 'til I'll be able to though. Got quite a lot to do with work & the house. But got great news from my friend. He's from Gambia & is gonna send another container down there. Filled with donations. & I was thinking what a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning plus getting to help some people out. :D So if there's someone nearby that reads this & wanna donate things too...let me know & I'll steer you in the right direction! :D 


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