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Familiar faces in odd places

When I first glanced out of my window today, all I could see was snow, snow, snow. Didn't exactly give me the burning desire to get up. But I'm glad I did! Cause it turned out to be a lot of familiar faces out & about. All in all quite the "happy-cosy-smiley"-day actually! ;) Met an "old" friend of mine. :) I got so happy when I saw her! All the memories that came rushing back just made me smile. Weird though, cause I met her brother last week. Hadn't seen him in ages either. <3 I used to be a lot at their farm. Picking stones out of the potato harvester, getting burned by the sun & breaking her mum's wooden spoon...balled my eyes out then. But the way she handled it is something I'll never forget. In a calm soothing voice: "It's ok sweetie, it's only a spoon." <3 ...lo & behold, I got to hear it again!!! She suddenly popped up beside me & gave me a big hug a few hours after I got to see my friend! Great G…

Another week gone by...

I've been a bit under the weather lately. But I've done a few things last week that's worth mentioning I here goes:

I'm gonna drink tea & watch a movie now... 

Gift, like genius, I often think only means an infinite capacity for taking pains.  ~Jane Ellice Hopkins.


With one hand around a bucket & the other one writing this, I spend my sunday eve. Don't know why, but sundays seem to be "sick-day" for me. Drank some water, then it took like two seconds & my stomach went in a knot & I turned into Miss Instant Gnarly Z'ombie. o.O But, beside the whole throwing up thing I've had quite the productive day. Just cleaning & things like that. But got a lot done. Just need the warm weather now, so I can clean the windows...I actually get a bit ashamed every time the sun shines upon them. :P All grey & iffy... 
This was my son's weekend treats. <3 ...& the book was kinda mine. ;P
One of my cheap IKEA book shelves. I use them all as a display rather than a boring "stack-all-my-crappy-books-in-one-pile"-case. The boxes on the floor is also bought at IKEA & I use them to store all my DVD's - in alphabetical order - nice & neatly.   
Aired out all my pillows, duvets, blanket, etc. I gave them…


Couldn't sleep cause of the freakin' pain, so I've been up drinking tea & reading old Country Living magazines. British edition of course. ;) Getting some inspiration for this years spring parties. So a mood board is in the making. :) 
I'm addicted to these!
My favourite cup!Use it every day. :) It even has a piercing! :p So thanks Mr. Holland! <3
Messy me! <3 I'll try to sleep again now...
~Linn. A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.  ~Irish Proverb

Spring Sprang Sprung

Still hurting all over...but, the sun's been shining all day so I've been focusing on that instead. Dreaming about spring, nettle soup & filling my larder. Cause right now, all I have from last year's harvest is some measly oregano. So guess I need to get more this year. :) It's weird, but I kinda feel the sap rising in the trees... Seeing my Belladonna grow again doesn't exactly make the whole spring-craze go away either. So it's about time Eostre soared over this place & evoked spring. Cause I need colours, green grass & wild flowers!!!! 
My Belladonna's waking up from a long slumber. <3 By the way, today I had my own little private giveaway... Don't think he thought it was as funny as I did though... ;P Cause I think it was funny as hell! Perfect in a car. xD Didn't take me long to paint it either. 
Wonky...but no stencil. :)
Oooh, wondering if I should sell my Cola mirror-tray-thingy. It's so cute, so maybe I'll just hang it i…

Golden nuggets

Today life gave me a golden nugget - again. Even though I moved like a little snail, my heart jumped around like a ball of lightning. Some people just manage to bring it out in doing a small gesture of some sort, or by giving me a glimpse into their mind. I kinda needed that...cause lately my mind's been pretty darn dark. :)  ...& have to say that I'm so glad I got reminded of this: That if we only buy beautiful things to have on display, then we need to ask ourself why? Life's happening NOW, so what are people waiting for? Share them with family, use it everyday...cause you're worth it! ;) (Cheesy, I know. Hehe.)
Here are some of the things I love & use:
Those planters was love at first sight. Even use one for my cat's grass. <3
Wish I only had hangers like these. They are so freakin' lovely!!!
These are recently bought, but I use them when I have my afternoon tea.^^
Yummy useable things! <3 ...perk: The roses never withers! <3
I just had to …

Green, green, glass of home...

Just gonna complain a bit, then focus on the good stuff...ok?  I'm going insane!! My whole body's sore & achy. The pain & nausea's something I can live with. But I can't be efficient & that just pisses me off, beyond belief! :/ Can't do squiddly-doo without having to take a break every five seconds...& I think, for a second there that I actually fell asleep...whilst standing?! o.O tired of this s**t. So, over to the good stuff then. :)  Last week I found more fuel for my glass mania. A lovely green glass fishing float. It's a kinda olive shade of green & you can see the years on it. Just the way I like it. :) It's also called a witches ball. I've heard stories about them being hung in the windows, much like native american dream catchers actually... They lure the negative spirits in with their beauty. Then they're trapped there until the sun comes up in the morning & basically kills all the evil inside. ;) I can't seem…


Just have to say that my heart goes out to everyone that's experiencing the true force of nature these days. I can't even begin to imagine the horrors they're going through. 
This picture's self explanatory & definitively heartbreaking.
You can see more pics on Aftenposten.

Spring's cloak

I'm longing for colors these days. Not so much those "in your face" ones. But those demure colors, that gives you a hint of what's to come... Spring's cloak. <3  The sun's melting this a little by little... Each drop is one step closer to spring. <3 Been contemplating getting a new camera. But don't want one of those huge ones with a lens that's a mile long. Just a simple, easy to use camera. So feel free to point me in the right direction. Cause I really want a clear image of what I'm looking for when I go to the I don't get gobbled up by a time wasting piranha salesman. :) My adorable grandpa to the right & my mum's uncle Sverre.

'til next time! xXx

Bearded lady!

I've found this picture of a bearded lady, & had to laugh. Cause someone's written a huge question mark on the back of it. :P ...I'm kinda of the same opinion. Hope the whole beard growth thingy won't kick in until I'm waaaaay over a 100 years old. ;) I'm in awe! Speaking of awe, I've always been told that one of my mother's uncles was a suspect in the Lindberg baby's kidnapping. Think he even dated the nanny or something like that. :) Well, I found cards from him to his mother. And pictures! So trying to gather all the info on him...when I'm done I'll post it. :) Fun fun! :D Gonna be a while 'til I'll be able to though. Got quite a lot to do with work & the house. But got great news from my friend. He's from Gambia & is gonna send another container down there. Filled with donations. & I was thinking what a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning plus getting to help some people out. :D So if there's someon…