Winter white

Had to take a break from everything last night. Was completely exhausted. Kinda the same today, but more of a good exhausted. You know, the one you get after an intensive work-out. ...& nooo headache! <3 Thanks to Hamsterix. xD But I'm planning to have an "early" night. Have to get up bright & early tomorrow. Cause I wanna have a normal breakfast with Ravn. Kinda like a sunday brunch'ish thingy. ;P It's so cosy in our jammies, crappy mood & dorky slippers. <3 Don't really care much for the whole "eat n' run" thing we've been having lately. So I wanna get back on track. Where we can be grinches & he can be pissed at me for waking him up to early. :P He can be veeery sweet though. He helped out at work today...didn't even have to ask. :) He wants to work & I like that. But I stress that a good education aka a great foundation is the best way to go. He can take small jobs now, just as long as it doesn't interfere with school. He asked me a while back what I wanted to be when I grew up... I can honestly say that I still don't know. :) At one time I had seven jobs. Part time of course. But still, it was seven. o.O Now it's only two, with a third in the making. :P My mum always said that she never could steer me in one direction...& that she wished I'd find something to do which I could utilize ALL my "gifts" in. :P So I'm hoping that this summer will bring me just that. :) That it'll all come together in a neat, organized & diverse bundle of joy. ;P

Amongst a heap of other things, this is what I did today.
Btw I'll write about aunt Claudia tomorrow. :) But now it's beddy bye bye. <3


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