Since I'm not inheriting anything from my family I kinda feel obligated to take care of the scraps of history that I've assembled growing up. Plus all the years working at different museums maybe got something to do with it too of course. ;) But I feel it's nice being the one piecing together the stories for my son to see. Maybe even my grandchildren someday, waaay down the line. :P 

My great grandparents on my mother's side first lived in a house at a place called "Fiske" with their kids on Jeløy. Then they moved to a place called "Skillebæk" in this lovely house that looked like an old inkwell. So that's what I'm used to calling it "Blekkhuset" aka The Inkwell. :) Had loads of wonderful moments there growing up. My mother's aunt Claudia lived there all her life. I felt like a little lady when we had tea & sandwiches in the parlor instead of the kitchen. :) Another thing that made me feel special was the fact that she had one of my huge drawings up on her door. Cause I apparently had talent. Hehe. :P She was a quirky lady with a mind of her own...even though it got very blurry at the end. But as I've always said: "If your mind can't remember things, I'll remember them for you...& tell you the stories you told me." I remember how my grandmother & mother took care of her. :) They even let me come & see her when she was dead. I was young, but I remember it clear as day. She looked so peaceful... <3 Just wish the time after that had been just as peaceful. My grandmother was heartbroken cause of what some greedy relatives had done. But, I'm not going to dwell on it. Cause people like that will never fill the void they have will just consume them & turn them into bitter has-beens. & I wish them nothing less. ;) Have to say that it turned out great anyway! The house is now loved...I mean - owned by an amazingly kind man. Who seem to have...hmm, how shall I put it...adopted it & raised it as his own, but let it keep its identity. & I'm so happy about that. :D Well, enough rambling from me. I know there's one more box with pictures of the garden, but I can't seem to find it at the moment...but here's some pictures at least.


My grandmother's 2nd from the left, my mother's in front
so guessing this is in the 1940s. :) My grandfather's the
handsome tall guy. I wish everyone could dress like that
nowadays... Even a drifter looked stylish those days. ;)

Claudia at the entrance of the house
looking veeery posh I must say! :)

This is my great grandmother Bertha.

This is my grandfather Ragnvald sitting in the garden.
I still remember those urns or vases. The content 
changed each season, as far as I remember at least. :) 
Oh, they also used to have plants that people nowadays 
call weeds, like yarrow & things like that. I just think that 
most people use the pharmacy waaaaay to much.
Stupid when it's just outside your door isn't it? ;) 

My grandmother Sigrid & aunt Claudia in the parlor.

A couple of the things that where inside the house.
Maybe this' why I'm so fond of silhouettes & swirls?

My grandmother by the entrance of the house. <3

My great grandmother in the garden. <3

Claudia in the parlor. I always wished for windows like that
growing up. Somewhere I could crawl up on & watch the
world go by. <3 I still have one thing from that dinnerware.

My mum to the left. <3 We still have that bike! :D

My grandmother in the garden. <3

Claudia's birthday party. :) My grandmother to the right.

Claudia in the garden. In probably one of her own
creations. She was an amazing seamstress. We
decided to give away most of her dresses to Moss
by- og IndustrimuseumI used to work there, so
I knew they would be better off in one of the archives
than in my closet. Though I did keep a few things. Cause
 it's quite a treat to look at all the intricate details. 
the inspiration I get from it is priceless!!
Wish she'd gotten more recognition from it. :)

Going through all of these pictures I remembered all the stories I've been told. Aunt Claudia travelled a lot. There's pictures of her absolutely everywhere! :D I even found a picture of her fiance. That's really a love story I've never forgotten. :'( But I can blab all about it tomorrow, plus spew out some pictures from her adventures. <3

Btw, if anyone want these pictures without the watermark just send me an e-mail. :)
Lotsa Love from Linn! <3


Saras stove said…
Så spennende å lese om familien din! Arv og gammel slektshistorie er veldig spennende synes jeg! Gøy å få se bilder også! Nydelig hus!
Takk for kommentar og tips inne hos meg! Tror vi kommer til å panele inn skråtaket. Det vi håper på er vel at det under tapeten og platene er gammelt faspanel.-Sara

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