Rambling...again & again...

Thinking about choices again. Every day we make loads of them...& through a lifetime we make quite a few HUGE ones also. Like marriage, children, education, wether or not to get a mortgage, & to live happily ever after. ;) But how much of it can you get behind & say is yours, a 100%? Marriage usually comes down to personal choice, at least in my social circle. Being a parent also I guess. :) But, when it comes to education it seem like everyone got something to say about it. Your parents, siblings, friends, teachers...they all seem to crawl out of the woodwork & lure you into their little private "paradise". o.O I'm speaking of personal experience. If I'd follow my heart when making that choice... Well, I can honestly say that I never would've gone for that education...or line of work. I wish someone would've asked me what I really wanted...& even said that I shouldn't settle for sloppy seconds. ...just asked me what I wanted from life. Same with mortgage...it seem like people live in this weird bubble. I just wonder if they truly believe it when they say: "I just painted MY house!" Cause if you're writing a check to the bank every month...honey, you just painted your bank's house. I get the whole security thing & not spewing out a ton of money to a shitty landlord. Yeah, the house will be yours...in...ehhhrmmm, 20 years? But I guess you're investing in yourself...& that's ok! I like that...just don't realize that plan cause your significant other wants something to show off to his/her friends. I can only speak from a female perspective. But if she loves you...she'll stay in that crappy little den a while longer & make it yours anyway. ;) We girls do like to nest you know. Even though we live in a dingy closet over a noisy pub. ...there we'll live happily ever after, for a little while longer at least. ;P


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