I've been working today. Then walked to the doctor in snowy weather. Then worked some more. Feet hurts, back hurts, shoulders hurt, neck hurts, head hurts...did I mention it hurts? ;) Trying not to focus on it, & stay positive! But kinda hard when I look like a 374 year old getting up from the chair. BUT oooh, what a chair it is!!! <3 Have a little looksie at my marvelous "NewOld" rocker:

Taaaadaaaa!!! Lovely right? <3

Isn't it beautiful? :D I'm getting quite attached to it... So to whomever had it before: THANK YOU for parting with it! <3 I can't wait to cuddle up on it in the evenings...put my feet up, a blanket over me, tea in one hand & a book in the other. Sooo cosy! <3 My friends told me that my hairstyle's starting to look a lot like the whole old lady vibe they're getting from my evening routine. xD So tell me, is it?

Fancy knot? My niece braids it & I do the twisting - as always. ;P

Have to get to bed now... A wicked amount of things that needs to be done tomorrow. o.O Zzz...



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