A moment in time

Nothing much to tell today. Just the memory of visiting my grandma’s sister Claudia when I was young. She lived in a little black house that resembled an old inkwell. My great grandma lived there before. I still have the original deed on it. :) They had these beautiful roses in the garden & a small outhouse. She had these lovely furnitures & woooow, could she make clothes!! I have some of her things...the stiching is out of this world. :D I wish I knew then, what I know now...maybe I’d savour the moments in a different way. I wish I’d asked her to teach me more things. Cause older people are little inkwells of knowledge...we just have to dip our feathered pens in it & then start writing our own story - a wiser one.

This was when my great grandmother lived in the house.
My grandmother is the one in the back to the left. <3


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