Gloomy saturday

"What are you doing this saturday eve dear Linn? Out partying with the rest of the living? Noooo, I've been cleaning...& now I'm roaming through the digital archives looking for dead relatives. o.O Eeeehm... So what's your plans for valentine's day then? Hmm, I'll probably go to bed early. Cause I'm so overwhelmed by all the lovely monkeys that've asked me out. :) I actually hope they'll go on a play date with each other...& play a painful game of choo-choo!" <3

I hate mediocre life, I hate mediocre people & I hate mediocre actions. Does that mean I hate myself right now? Cause everything is know...sometimes I just wish I could fall asleep &  wake up a hundred years from now. But then I'd miss out on the one thing that make me stick around in this shitty hellhole. The one thing that makes it all worth while. So I'll keep on smiling, analyzing, reflecting, waiting...until he's ready for something stellar.

*Happy thoughts* :) My brother & his boyfriend
surprised my mum on her 50th birthday. <3
Loved all the laughter back then + crazy stunts. :P 


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