The preordained course of your life that will occur 
because of or in spite of your actions. 

A set of predetermined events within your life 
that you take an active course in shaping.

Today I got the cutest little lovebug I know a lift to his place. :D Weird, but I think destiny’s giving me a few "nice-gems" to hand  out every day. Couldn’t let him walk around in the rain now could I? :) ...& YES, it’s raining! o.O The car turned itself around when we couldn’t get up a hill. Kinda like the road was made of ice & we where just drifting effortlessly downhill. :P

That kinda made me remember when my youngest-older brother (stupid I know) took me to this huge parkinglot outside a factory & asked me if I wanted to go on a merry-go-round. I of course said yes... :P Then he got this huge grin on his face & the car made an insane amount of noice...just before it started to go around & around & around & around...getting queasy just by thinking of it. :D I was little...but that’s one of the memories I see clearest when it comes to waaaay back the olden days. xD

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