Dreams & politics

"Do what you love. Love what you do." 

Have no idea why, but I woke up with those words in my head today & they do make sense. Just don't forget your responsibilities at the same time. :P No starving artist attitude if you have mouths to feed, ok? ;) ...plus fragments of a dream which involved me getting into politics. Høyre to be more precise. But I don't wanna dive deeper into that wormhole. :P Aaaanyway... I'll probably write more in the evening. I'll leave you with The Amazing picture of me & my handsome grandpa R. <3 Have to love those clothes I'm wearing & the decor ey? ;P Hehe.

Damn, these colors remind me of spring & easter! 
Where forth art thou dear springtime? I'm longing...
I was so tired that I kinda collapsed in the chair when writing this... But, I had a great day. Met lots of lovely people & I hope that tomorrow will be even better. ;)


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