I get a bit nauseous looking at some of the pictures of, I quote: "Yummylicious dinner from the master chef!" that pops up on facebook. o.O I don't care if the taste is incredible when it looks like something their dog just threw up. Wonder if they've EVER heard of vegetables? know those nutritional things that comes up from the ground with a huge array of colors. ...& arranging their food in a more delicious way on the plate must be an art that keeps on alluding them. Cause making things look like someone just laid a footlong turd on a plate isn't the way to go, chefs!!

Talking about food makes me remember when Lorenzo was here ages ago... He made this amazing spaghetti carbonara. I haven't touched it since. Cause that was perfection & I doubt that it will taste as good if someone else makes it. Don't wanna ruin those memories...sacred. :) Oh great Goddess those days are haunting me. So many wrong decisions based on serpents tongues...& never getting closure. :) But guess I'll always have the memories. <3

I'm restless...thinking a lot. How come people stray from their own path just to please others? ...& how come they take on the persona on the one they're with? Can't they just be themselves? ...finish walking the road they started walking. So there are no regrets & what ifs. ...& why don't people aka friends stand up for you & say "That's the way she is. If you have a problem with it, that's fine. Just don't tell her to be different cause you have another take on life." Silence cuts like a knife when that happens...& I'm bleeding.

Have to go now...


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