I don't feel like I've managed to say all the things I wanted to today. But, I had a swarm of thoughts buzzing around in my no wonder. o.O Went to the orthopedist this afternoon. He asked if I had a lot of pain & blablabla... I was like "Mmmyeah, but you get used to it." Then he pushed down at certain places on my feet & HELLOOOO PAIN! xD Guess he knows what he's doing...cause it was spot on every time. I'm not much for complaining about stuff like that but O U C H !! Nice to know what's wrong though. :) On the 25th I'm gonna plaster my legs...gonna be interesting...& perhaps a tad bit claustrophobic? :O,

I've re-discovered a picture of my great-great-great-grandmother. It's so lovely, yet weird to look at someone that's been a part of creating you. Without her it wouldn't be a me. :) So I'll hang her in the middle of my soon-to-be-wall of ancestors & loved ones. Makes me feel like she's keeping an eye on us...making sure we don't mess up toooo much. 
Speaking of mess...the house looks like a freakin' bomb went off. I'm trying my best to go through all my boxes. Sell the stuff I can sell, give to charity shops & to friends & family that NEED things. But while this is going on I feel like there's no room to do the normal day-to-day stuff. :/ Hope I'll get most of the boxes that's heading for charity out tomorrow... *sigh* Just really need to get started with my plans soon or I'll go nuts!


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