Bedroom blues

Since I’ve been home with a sick son today, I’ve kinda gone interior nuts! - between taking care of him of course! So loads of things’ve happened in my bedroom today. I’ve turned everything upside down. :P Complete chaos! ...& now I’m kinda feeling blue. Cause well...I can’t get up in my bed without a ladder. :P I’ll keep you guessing on that one. My oldest niece thought it was cool though. :P Lets just say I’ve taken apart a table & assembled some of the parts onto my bed. They didn’t play nice at all. :P BUT life’s about trial & error, etc, etc. ;)

As I mentioned yesterday I’ve decided to do a tiny thing for someone each day. Today was of course my son’s turn. That he was sick wasn’t part of the plan...but it gave me a great opportunity to do something extra. :) I always listen to & talk things through with him...but today I also really wanted to see him for the young man he’s turning into & aknowledge that. But the weird thing matter how much I wanna give him things he always manages to give me more. Just by being himself he’s like a gift that keeps on giving...warmth, love & compassion. Of course he can be a handful...but I don’t give a flying rats ass. Cause to be honest, he’s the one that’ve kept me looking forward all these years. <3

I also mentioned remembering things others have done for me over the years. One thing that’s fresh on my mind happened a couple of months ago. Just a simple text message from Tony. I’m not used to thing’s like it got stuck on my mind, in my heart & forever dwells in my soul. So thanks for creating that everlasting memory! <3


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