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Claudia & Ralph. S o, my mum's aunt Claudia was the first of many children in my great grandmothers womb. ;) But I do think she was their favorite. Cause she got permission to do a great deal more than my grandmother ever did. ;) Anyway, she did get to travel a lot...& she took quite a few pictures when she was out 'n about.  Claudia in the middle. This is supposed to be where she learned to sew. :) I love this picture.  Haven't a clue where this is, but it's lovely! They knew how to have fun way back when too... ;) "Have no clue what we where doing here." -Claudia on climbing tree's on Jeløy. "Me with my tush up in the air." -Claudia. Out with the girls. This pic is just priceless.  B ut I mentioned a couple of posts ago that she had this heartbreaking story. Gonna give you the short version... Well, if I remember correctly she was engaged, or was going to get engaged to this gentleman from

Pure love!

J ust had to share this before going to bed. I found it amongst all the old photos from my mother's family. I sn't it just a m a z i n g ?!?! :D

Winter white

H ad to take a break from everything last night. Was completely exhausted. Kinda the same today, but more of a good exhausted. You know, the one you get after an intensive work-out. ...& nooo headache! <3 Thanks to Hamsterix. xD But I'm planning to have an "early" night. Have to get up bright & early tomorrow. Cause I wanna have a normal breakfast with Ravn. Kinda like a sunday brunch'ish thingy. ;P It's so cosy in our jammies, crappy mood & dorky slippers. <3 Don't really care much for the whole "eat n' run" thing we've been having lately. So I wanna get back on track. Where we can be grinches & he can be pissed at me for waking him up to early. :P  He can be veeery sweet though. He helped out at work today...didn't even have to ask. :) He wants to work & I like that. But I stress that a good education aka a great foundation is the best way to go. He can take small jobs now, just as long as it doesn't int


S ince I'm not inheriting anything from my family I kinda feel obligated to take care of the scraps of history that I've assembled growing up. Plus all the years working at different museums maybe got something to do with it too of course. ;) But I feel it's nice being the one piecing together the stories for my son to see. Maybe even my grandchildren someday, waaay down the line. :P  M y great grandparents on my mother's side first lived in a house at a place called "Fiske" with their kids on Jeløy . Then they moved to a place called "Skillebæk" in this lovely house that looked like an old inkwell. So that's what I'm used to calling it "Blekkhuset" aka The Inkwell. :) Had loads of wonderful moments there growing up. My mother's aunt Claudia lived there all her life. I felt like a little lady when we had tea & sandwiches in the parlor instead of the kitchen. :) Another thing that made me feel special was the fact that

Old pics

B een doing loads of things today. But don't wanna mention them. I'd rather mention all the old photos I've been scanning. There's so so sooo many of them. I'm quite overwhelmed actually. So amazing to see my ancestors just pop out one by one, smiling, dancing, posing...make me feel close to them in a way. Won't be able to post all of it right now. But I'll try to make a few series at least. :) Wanted to post some pictures from the loveliest house I've ever been in tonight, but I'm knackered. So I'll do it tomorrow. :) C'est la vie! 


I 've been working today. Then walked to the doctor in snowy weather. Then worked some more. Feet hurts, back hurts, shoulders hurt, neck hurts, head hurts...did I mention it hurts? ;) Trying not to focus on it, & stay positive! But kinda hard when I look like a 374 year old getting up from the chair. BUT oooh, what a chair it is!!! <3 Have a little looksie at my marvelous "NewOld" rocker: Taaaadaaaa!!! Lovely right? <3 I sn't it beautiful? :D I'm getting quite attached to it... So to whomever had it before: THANK YOU for parting with it! <3 I can't wait to cuddle up on it in the evenings...put my feet up, a blanket over me, tea in one hand & a book in the other. Sooo cosy! <3 My friends told me that my hairstyle's starting to look a lot like the whole old lady vibe they're getting from my evening routine. xD So tell me, is it? F ancy knot? My niece braids it & I do the twisting - as always. ;P

Dreams & politics

"Do what you love. Love what you do."  H ave no idea why, but I woke up with those words in my head today & they do make sense. Just don't forget your responsibilities at the same time. :P No starving artist attitude if you have mouths to feed, ok? ;) fragments of a dream which involved me getting into politics.  Høyre to be more precise. But I don't wanna dive deeper into that wormhole. :P Aaaanyway... I'll probably write more in the evening. I'll leave you with Th e A m a zi n g picture of me & my handsome grandpa R. <3 Have to love those clothes I'm wearing & the decor ey? ;P Hehe. Damn, these colors remind me of spring & easter!  Where forth art thou dear springtime? I'm longing... I  was so tired that I kinda collapsed in the chair when writing this... But, I had a great day. Met lots of lovely people & I hope that tomorrow will be even better. ;)

Rambling...again & again...

T hinking about choices again. Every day we make loads of them...& through a lifetime we make quite a few HUGE ones also. Like marriage, children, education, wether or not to get a mortgage, & to live happily ever after. ;) But how much of it can you get behind & say is yours, a 100%? Marriage usually comes down to personal choice, at least in my social circle. Being a parent also I guess. :) But, when it comes to education it seem like everyone got something to say about it. Your parents, siblings, friends, teachers...they all seem to crawl out of the woodwork & lure you into their little private "paradise". o.O I'm speaking of personal experience. If I'd follow my heart when making that choice... Well, I can honestly say that I never would've gone for that education...or line of work. I wish someone would've asked me what I really wanted...& even said that I shouldn't settle for sloppy seconds. ...just asked me what I wanted from li


M anaged to get the whole bed to crush down on my feet today. So they’re black & blue. o.O ..& my neck hurts, wich always ends up with me getting a splitting headache. Feels like someone’s clawing their way into my brain. :/ ...& yeah, I’ve also stepped on broken glass, cut myself on a saw, stepped on nails, fell over some books & it’s like I have a knife twisting in my to say it’s not been my day. So I’ll say good night & hope for a better tomorrow. (If it turns out just as crap I swear I’ll make a witches jar.)

Gloomy saturday

"What are you doing this saturday eve dear Linn? Out partying with the rest of the living? Noooo, I've been cleaning...& now I'm roaming through the digital archives looking for dead relatives. o.O Eeeehm... So what's your plans for valentine's day then? Hmm, I'll probably go to bed early. Cause I'm so overwhelmed by all the lovely monkeys that've asked me out. :) I actually hope they'll go on a play date with each other...& play a painful game of choo-choo!" <3 I hate mediocre life, I hate mediocre people & I hate mediocre actions. Does that mean I hate myself right now? Cause everything is know...sometimes I just wish I could fall asleep &  wake up a hundred years from now. But then I'd miss out on the one thing that make me stick around in this shitty hellhole. The one thing that makes it all worth while. So I'll keep on smiling, analyzing, reflecting, waiting...until he's ready for somethin

Out n' about

I had a cooooooosy evening at Gine's ! Talked more than I worked though... :P But now the fabric's on the seat. So I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Gonna hunt down some wax tomorrow...cause the chair N E E D S to be in black with pink wax rubbed down in the grain. :P On the way up there I got completely soaked. A douche decided to speed up his car when passing me & *SPLASH!!* Goooosh, I'm so grateful for tasting slushy grit again. Haven't done that since childhood... So THANK YOU, you moronic piece of wasted space. <3  BTW...I <3  OLD PEARLS !


I don't feel like I've managed to say all the things I wanted to today. But, I had a swarm of thoughts buzzing around in my no wonder. o.O Went to the orthopedist this afternoon. He asked if I had a lot of pain & blablabla... I was like "Mmmyeah, but you get used to it." Then he pushed down at certain places on my feet & HEL LOO OO PA IN ! xD Guess he knows what he's doing...cause it was spot on every time. I'm not much for complaining about stuff like that but O U C H !! Nice to know what's wrong though. :) On the 25th I'm gonna plaster my legs...gonna be interesting...& perhaps a tad bit claustrophobic? :O, I 've re-discovered a picture of my great-great-great-grandmother. It's so lovely, yet weird to look at someone that's been a part of creating you. Without her it wouldn't be a me. :) So I'll hang her in the middle of my soon-to-be-wall of ancestors & loved ones. Makes me feel like she's k


I get a bit nauseous looking at some of the pictures of, I quote: "Yummylicious dinner from the master chef!" that pops up on facebook. o.O I don't care if the taste is incredible when it looks like something their dog just threw up. Wonder if they've EVER heard of vegetables? know those nutritional things that comes up from the ground with a huge array of colors. ...& arranging their food in a more delicious way on the plate must be an art that keeps on alluding them. Cause making things look like someone just laid a footlong turd on a plate isn't the way to go, chefs!! T alking about food makes me remember when Lorenzo was here ages ago... He made this a m a z i n g spaghetti carbonara . I haven't touched it since. Cause that was perfection & I doubt that it will taste as good if someone else makes it. Don't wanna ruin those memories...sacred. :) Oh great Goddess those days are haunting me. So many wrong decisions based on serpents

Laughing out loud

M y memory today is watching Dumb & dumber for the first time. It was in my mum's living room with a few friends. I thought I'd die when Mary threw the snowball at Harry . His face at that moment was hilarious! xD I still laugh out loud when I think about it. :D I miss those days...& people. They always put a smile on my face & fire in my heart. <3  ...speaking of laughing out loud, my mum made pizza for us today. & when she was coming over she actually managed to fall down the stairs. The pizza went flying through the air. :P ...& well, my initial reaction wasn't the political correct one to be honest. :D Not to worry, she's fine! But I really had to control myself so I wouldn't laugh.

A moment in time

N othing much to tell today. Just the memory of visiting my grandma’s sister Claudia when I was young. She lived in a little black house that resembled an old inkwell. My great grandma lived there before. I still have the original deed on it. :) They had these beautiful roses in the garden & a small outhouse. She had these lovely furnitures & woooow, could she make clothes!! I have some of her things...the stiching is out of this world. :D I wish I knew then, what I know now...maybe I’d savour the moments in a different way. I wish I’d asked her to teach me more things. Cause older people are little inkwells of knowledge...we just have to dip our feathered pens in it & then start writing our own story - a wiser one. This was when my great grandmother lived in the house. My grandmother is the one in the back to the left. <3