The toilets are clean!

Been quite the day...well, compared to this last week anyway. :P I've washed the toilets (almost threw up in them a gazillion times), done some laundry, made my vegetable soup, done the dishes, went to the bank, & did some grocery shopping. My throat's acting up & I'm kinda shaking now...but I do feel better in some ways. :) Weird this whole throat thingy...when I've whispered to people they kinda tend to talk louder & slower to me. o.O I'm like "Hey weirdoe! I'm neither deaf nor stupid...just got a fucked up throat!?! " My mum actually started to whisper back at one time. xD HAHAHA! Seemed we had this huge secret there for a while...our heads really close with suspicious faces glancing on people walking by. xD Was sooo funny when she realized I was just messing with her. :P 

Got loads more to talk about, but I'm tooo off to lalaland I go. <3


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