Tired tuesday

"For those who are willing to make an effort, 
great miracles wonderful treasures are in store."
~Isaak Bashevis Singer.

Total aaaaaw factor right? Just wanted to show off something my mum used to get pulled around in when she was a baby aaaaaaaall the way back in the early 1940s. ;) Precious! I'm definitively gonna spruce it up & put it in her bedroom when I'm finished re-vamping it this spring. She deserves a nice bedroom...organized, luxurious, filled with lovely memories. <3

I've been out getting some groceries today. I'm exhausted from it...but yeay...food! Now I'm watching the newest episode of Castle. Struggling to keep my eyes open though...but have to see the whole episode. I sooo wanna know who ordered the kill on Beckett's mother. Don't watch much tv anymore. But these online thingies is amazing! The people who bother to post these series week in & week out...well, I hope that someday it'll pay off for them in a better currency than gratitude. But for now - THANK YOU;)



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