Luscious lady

Have to admit...everytime I see Christina Hendricks my IQ drops about 90% She got the ultimate body as far as I'm concerned. :P

I know it's a stupid little thing, but... The last few years I've really wanted a thick fringe. But every time I've been close to doing it, something or someone plants a seed in me that I let grow... "You'll regret it - That's not you - I hate it, so should you - blablabla." So I've got a few words for myself: It's not their life to live, not their choice to make, it's your hair & it'll grow out. Better to do something & regret it & so forth... Besides, most of them don't even bother to come see you. So wake the fuck up & take charge of things again!! 

*raises the middle fingers, just to let them all know* 


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