So long January...

Last day in january & I can just feel spring forcing its way up...through her heavy white blanket. Can't wait to see little flowers & greens popping up here & there. But still it's one more month of winter, & I am going to enjoy it. Hot chocolate, woolen mittens, huge scarves & crystal clear skies. :)

Tomorrow's february... Imbolc's first on the calendar & soon comes Lupercalia, Valentines day or whatever you call it. <3 So plan something special for the ones close to you this year ey? You never know how long you'll have them near. :) So if you're one of those that just can't stand the commercial aspect of Valentines day...just make your love some lunch & leave a freakin' note with a tiny heart on. It's never been about expensive gifts & humongous gestures anyway...just about letting them know you see them.

Past & present love, none beside, none above.

Sooo I wanna use the next couple of weeks to do a small thing for someone else each day. Plus remember the little things people have done for me... :)

By the way, if THIS isn't love...I don't know what is. ;)


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