Brooches & cowboys

Been sleeping a lot today. Seems like I'm completely exhausted. Guess it's natural after days with high fevers raging through my body. Had this insane dream about a female djinn with a snakelike body...she tried everything to lure me into wishing things. I knew she just wanted to get her long fingernails into this baby boy I'd been carrying around. Sooo I ended up slaying her in a huge concrete cube house thingy with glass on two sides & a fountain in the middle. (Damn I hate shitty architecture.) Wonder if it means anything...or if I just had one of my fever induced dreams. Maybe it's just a "you killed the bug inside of you, so now you'll soon get better"-dream?

I've also been cleaning my brooches today - in bed. Got a few, but the ones I have I wear. Been told it's an "old lady thing". :P Don't care...I love 'em! One for each season. Want one steampunk'ish too... This one maybe, or this? <3

Been looking at some old cowboy pics from america...& I can't help but wonder about legends & making a name for yourself. It really isn't the same anymore is it? Heroes, outlaws...they're 5 minutes on the news & then *poof* they're gone. Now you see them, now you don't. Now "living legends" usually are musicians, athletes or politicians. What the fuck have they really done to get that title? I'd rather see a hard working policeman bring a serial murderer to justice have that title. Or a kid who's been kidnapped & managed to get away. Or a parent who died saving their kids from certain death. Dramatic? Sure as hell yes! But it beats an olympic gold medalist 10 times over. Wanna know why I think so? Cause he got to sign up for it. Yes, he can call himself the "worlds fastest"...but is he? May be a guy in Sudan that can run a hell of a lot longer & faster than him. Or She might be "Miss universe"...but compared to her behind the veil of eastern traditions she's just plain ol' Jane. I wonder if kids nowadays get to sit down around a roaring fire & listen to old legends. I wonder if they dare to dream about being one someday? ...dream about making a real name for themselves. To plain out be a simple human being, that follows his/hers own heart...someone who doesn't get tangled up in other peoples mess. Most people make others out to be much more complicated than they are. Don't think that have changed a lot over the centuries. So it's hard to walk that route. But in the end, when you feel a wee fellow tugging on your sleeve, asking you to tell stories from your past...& you get to begin your story with: "I was a simple man, doing great things..." that's legendary in my eyes. ;)

Knackered again...



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