Again it's been a while since I last wrote. To say I've been a bit under the weather's an understatement. Right now my temperature's just under 39 C...so I'm kinda functioning again. I'm really in the mood for my hearty vegetable soup! But I have jack shit when it comes to ingredients...& no plans at all to go shopping. *sighs* ...so guess I'll be having some crappy ass bouillon - again!. :( ...& I soooo want pepsi max & Farris or the cheap ass brand - Taffelvann...it's just as good. :P Ooooh...do you remember crystal pepsi? I kinda want that too. o.O .oO(I'm rambling.) If it was springtime I'd put on my hiking gear & go waaaay up in the mountains & drink straight from a stream. Catch a couple of fishies from a river, make nettle soup...sit around a bonfire at night & listen to the northern lights slither across the sky. I miss spring...I don't like it when she's all tucked away under her white blanket.

In between being sick & work I do get to throw out some of my old stuff...early spring cleaning I guess. :) Gonna SELL some of the things I don't have any connection to. (Usually I just throw it out or make new things.) Books I've inherited, things I've been given, etc. I kinda like that my things will go to more suitable homes. :) I love a good ol' fashioned barter...but taking money for things I don't like or have room for in my life is something I need to learn. So this is good practice! :)

By the way...hope you're making the best  out of the new year. ;) The fiance of a dear friend of mine wrote this on her facebook page: "Do you want something homemade? Pay it forward 2011. I'm gonna send something homemade to the first five who comment on this post. In return you have to put this on your status & make something for the first five that comment on it. The rules are that it need to be something handmade - by you & sent to that person sometime this year." I kinda liked that one...so I'm posting it here. I really don't think anyone reads my blog except for a couple of my friends & my sister...sooo this probably wont be that exiting. :P

I'm getting knackered now. So I'll leave you with a pic of one of my teapots. I use it to hold all the twine I have in the kitchen. It really is a time saver...just pull out & snip snip! ;)

This kinda reminds me about how much I want a victorian teapot. Hope I'll find the perfect one this year. Something similar to this one in shape. Let me know if you see one. <3



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