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So long January...

L ast day in january & I can just feel s p r i n g forcing its way up...through her heavy white blanket. Can't wait to see little flowers & greens popping up here & there. But still it's one more month of winter, & I am going to enjoy it. Hot chocolate, woolen mittens, huge scarves & crystal clear skies. :) T omorrow's february... Imbolc's first on the calendar & soon comes Lupercalia, Valentines day or whatever you call it. <3 So plan something special for the ones close to you this year ey? You never know how long you'll have them near. :) So if you're one of those that just can't stand the commercial aspect of Valentines day...just make your love some lunch & leave a freakin' note with a tiny heart on. It's never been about expensive gifts & humongous gestures anyway...just about letting them know you see them. Past & present love, none beside, none above. S ooo I wanna use the next co

Luscious lady

H ave to admit...everytime I see Christina Hendricks my IQ drops about 90% She got the ultimate body as far as I'm concerned. :P Luscious! I know it's a stupid little thing, but... The last few years I've really wanted a thick fringe. But every time I've been close to doing it, something or someone plants a seed in me that I let grow... "You'll regret it - That's not you - I hate it, so should you - blablabla." So I've got a few words for myself: It's not their life to live, not their choice to make, it's your hair & it'll grow out. Better to do something & regret it & so forth... Besides, most of them don't even bother to come see you. So wake the fuck up & take charge of things again!!  *raises the mid dle fi nger s, ju st to le t th em a ll k now*  

Motivating s**t

F eeling a lot better. Totally drained...but up to my old crap, so guessing it's all good regardless. ;P T hought I had the best motivator ever when it comes to cleaning... I've had a playlist containing only crappy irritating songs. Sooo it's been getting me motivated to finish fast, just so I can turn it off. <3 But tonight I actually caught myself singing along. o.O Sooo it might be backfiring...

Slow motion...

I 've had the slowest day ever!  Feels like everything happened in slooooow motion. o.O Anyway, gonna watch Lucky Luke ...& mmmaybe I'll write some more after that. (Unless I've fallen asleep on the floor, chair get the picture.) ^^ * A c o u p l e o f  h o u r s la t e r I ' l l n e v e r g e t b a c k * T he movie was weird, but mostly funny. Made me laugh a lot when his boots where removed...really disgusting! :P Not a movie I would see again though...except to get a sneak peak at Jesse James' outfit. ;P A yummy Jesse James.   I so wish we all could be forced to wear snappy outfits like this. :P "Dress like the man you wanna be." Not everyone can pull of the outlaw look of course... ;) But I was talking with my niece this evening...& we drifted onto the topic. Cause she was in town shopping today, & when she went outside the mall there where these protesters or whatever...she said they where in the parkin

The toilets are clean!

B een quite the day...well, compared to this last week anyway. :P I've washed the toilets (almost threw up in them a gazillion times), done some laundry, made my vegetable soup, done the dishes, went to the bank, & did some grocery shopping. My throat's acting up & I'm kinda shaking now...but I do feel better in some ways. :) Weird this whole throat thingy...when I've whispered to people they kinda tend to talk louder & slower to me. o.O I'm like "Hey weirdoe! I'm neither deaf nor stupid...just got a fucked up throat!?! " My mum actually started to whisper back at one time. xD H A H A H A ! Seemed we had this huge secret there for a while...our heads really close with suspicious faces glancing on people walking by. xD Was sooo funny when she realized I was just messing with her. :P  G ot loads more to talk about, but I'm tooo off to lalaland I go. <3


S o today I fell asleep again after getting all the mornin' stress out of the way... Still get fevers in the night, but not as bad as before. But it doesn't actually give me a good night sleep...hence the mornin' nap. :) H aven't done much that's worth mentioning either...just been a zombie all day. B y the way...I really wanna make one of these ! Wanna have my whole house filled with steampunk gadgets. * d r e a m s a w a y *

Tired tuesday

"For those who are willing to make an effort,  great miracles  &  wonderful treasures are in store." ~Isaak Bashevis Singer. T otal  a a a a a w factor right? Just wanted to show off something  my  mum used to get  pulled  around in when she was a  baby aaaaaaaall  the way back in the early 1940s. ;) Precious!  I'm definitively gonna spruce it up & put it in her bedroom  when I'm finished re-vamping it this spring. She deserves a nice bedroom...organized, luxurious, filled with lovely memories. <3 I 've been out getting some groceries today. I'm exhausted from it...but! Now I'm watching the newest episode of  Castle . Struggling to keep my eyes open though...but have to see the whole episode. I sooo wanna know who ordered the kill on Beckett's mother. Don't watch much tv anymore. But these online thingies is amazing! The people who bother to post these series week in & week out...well, I hope

Brooches & cowboys

B een sleeping a lot today. Seems like I'm completely exhausted. Guess it's natural after days with high fevers raging through my body. Had this insane dream about a female djinn with a snakelike body...she tried everything to lure me into wishing things. I knew she just wanted to get her long fingernails into this baby boy I'd been carrying around. Sooo I ended up slaying her in a huge concrete cube house thingy with glass on two sides & a fountain in the middle. (Damn I hate shitty architecture.) Wonder if it means anything...or if I just had one of my fever induced dreams. Maybe it's just a "you killed the bug inside of you, so now you'll soon get better"-dream? I 've also been cleaning my brooches today - in bed. Got a few, but the ones I have I w e a r . Been told it's an "old lady thing". :P Don't care...I love 'em! One for each season. Want one steampunk'ish too... This one maybe, or this ? <3 B een


A gain it's been a while since I last wrote. To say I've been a bit under the weather's an understatement. Right now my temperature's just under 3 9 C . I'm kinda functioning again. I'm really in the mood for my hearty vegetable soup! But I have jack shit when it comes to ingredients...& no plans at all to go shopping. *sighs* guess I'll be having some crappy ass bouillon - again!. :( ...& I soooo want pepsi max & Farris or the cheap ass brand -'s just as good. :P you remember crystal pepsi? I kinda want that too. o.O .oO(I'm rambling.) If it was springtime I'd put on my hiking gear & go waaaay up in the mountains & drink straight from a stream. Catch a couple of fishies from a river, make nettle soup...sit around a bonfire at night & listen to the northern lights slither across the sky. I miss spring...I don't like it when she's all tucked away under her white blanket.