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Canned goods

The last month I've been away at the bootcamp thingy, training. Then it's been my birthday, which I spent with my son doing absolutely squiddly doo...& I've survived the whole festive season. So now it's just new years left to check off my To do-list & voila! 2011 all done. Can't wait for 2012! ...gonna be the utmost organized year I've ever had. ❤
For the past couple of years this great gift giving tradition has evolved. Last year it was giving each other something really ugly that we had to wear through yule-dinner. I wasn't about to repeat that s**t this year we had to make something out of garbage. :P I've really had some shitty luck with my cellphones this year & kinda drifted into cursing out the phones, the phone company, etc. & wished for some tin can phones for a while there. So I got sooooo happy when I opened a present & got these! 
Hope y'all had a festive holiday so far. I sure did. ;)
~Linn. Whatever thrift …

Tender Loving Care

I've recently become a tad bit addicted to Beeny's restoration nightmare. They've been renovating a beautiful place called 
Rise Hall
I want ceilings like this... *love*
If you wanna see more beautiful pictures of Rise hall visit their gallery.
It's sooo impressive! :) It seem like quite the adventure, with ALL the pros & cons...& then some! :) Can't see myself taking on something on a scale that grand just yet. ;P But I wouldn't mind breathing life into places that's been neglected. I get pissed off when I see buildings falling apart. There's decent people without a place to call home + there are huge buildings out there, just in need of a little TLC. Why don't the owners of the buildings merge the two together? It's a win win situation in my opinion. If someone asked me to move into a house for a few months to fix it up I'd definitively do it. Using rent money for improvements instead of stuffing the owner's bank account... Anyone …


Just wanted to wish my dad a lovely fathers day!

Pappa passer på deg når du sover. ~P. A. Kravik. (He used to whisper that he looked after me while I was sleeping, just before I went to sleep.)


This post is totally dedicated to a challenge from another blogger. I rarely participate in stuff like this, but this one was about showing the person behind the blog. It's up to each & every one of us how much we want to "display" I really like this challenge. :) Seeing the owners instead of an arrangement of their things. So, Lidyll...this is a tiny fraction of me:

I've always been an inquisitive, outgoing individual with a wee crazy streak...
As you see, that hasn't exactly changed over the years... (Yup! I really have fangs.)
I can be serious & tough as hell, but sometimes I let my guard all the way down & let my sorrow show. But I try not to linger too much in the past. Only when I wanna remember good events. Like my brother's laugh & crazy ideas, or my grandpa burping like a goat at the dinner table. That makes me wanna linger a bit longer. :)
I'm grateful for all I have & all I am. But I know that it's always room for impro…


Today I need to keep my mind on something else than yesterday... So a small digression about my future is just what I need at the moment. ;)
So, in a not so distant future I'll be stepping in to a white house that looks like it's been there since the Victorian era. I'll put my feet up in a comfy colourful victorian-inspired sofa, made by my lovely friend Gine...then I'll slip under my self-made grannysquare comforter & blog about all the beautiful laces I inherited from my great grandma on a laptop much like this one:
You can read more about it here!
...maybe I'll even post a few pictures of the latest '1800s furniture rescue mission' I've been on. Then I'll get up, walk to the phone & start calling my friends to ask if they would wanna come over for a late night supper. I'll probably be using this phone:
Wanna see more phones? Here's the link!
...then I'll whip up something on my cooker, walk upstairs & slip into something from S…

A gentle heart

Today it feels like my heart's torn into pieces. Seeing my mum cry is the worst feeling ever!! Her lovely little dog - Pia, suddenly got very sick this week...& today was the last time her kind & gentle heart beat. She fell asleep in my mum's lap. Sooo glad I was able to be there when mum got the bad news from the vet, but I don't know if I was any help though...was - & still am, bawling my eyes out. 
A little grey bundle of kindness & joy. We miss you!!
~Linn. In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing.  ~Robert Ingersoll.

Winding down

It's November already. This year's just flown by. Kinda wanna slow it all down though. Have a stress-free existence...& I'm the only one that can make that happen. :) Mostly by being conscious in every moment, take deep breaths & really exhale. So the rest of the year I'll do just that...lace each day with music flowing like sticky syrup, old gooey stories safely tucked between two covers & really fall in love with the little things again.
When I think about winding down, my bedroom comes to mind.  :) This is my nightstand.
I revamped the candleholders by gluing them together. :) Love the trashy-posh result. ;P This tiny dead doll is the cutest little thing ever. Always with me. ^^
~Linn Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.  ~John De Paola.

All Hallows Eve

For all those who died.  For all those who died-
stripped naked, shaved, shorn. For all those who screamed
in vain to the Great Goddess
only to have their tongues
ripped out at the root. For all those who were pricked, racked, broken on the wheel
for the sins of their Inquisitors. For all those whose beauty
stirred their torturers to fury;
& for all those whose ugliness did the same. For all those who were neither ugly nor beautiful,
but only women who would not submit. For all those quick fingers
broken in the vise. For all those soft arms
pulled from their sockets. For all those budding breasts
ripped with hot pincers. For all those midwives killed merely for the sin
of delivering man
to an imperfect world. For all those witch-women, my sisters,
who breathed freer
as the flames took them, knowing as they shed
their female bodies,
the seared flesh falling like fruit
in the flames, that death alone would cleanse them
of the sin for which they died the sin of being born a woman,
who is more tha…

Death, shoes & honeysuckle.

Was out walking my nice's dog...& watching her go nuts in the bushes made me notice nature's weird & wonderful ways. Cause on the ground there were half rotten leaves & a puddle with the first glimpse of frost on it. Looked like tiny frost faeries had been dancing over it. Hanging over the stone fence just behind us was a huge honeysuckle with a few ❀ flowers ❀ on it. I love the fact that in the midst of all this withering & death, nature actually have time to bring forth new beginnings...a short lived one of that. But still, that last remembrance of warmer days wrapped up in that little scented flower is simply l♥vely! ;P

Cycl of life. ;P Gotta love it!
My new shoes or military boots from the orthopedic doc. Made just for me. Yeay! They where a tad bit too big around the shin, but that's what leg-warmers & woolen socks are made for. STUFF IIIT! ;P Found those bright orange flowers in a garden I walked past. Kinda get the feeling my soul's starved fo…


If you didn't already know it - I friggin' L♥VE autumn!!! Longer nights, leaves on the ground, warm soothing colours, savory pies, carved pumpkins & snugglin'...lots & lots of snugglin'!!! It might seem like I'm all cosy & tucked away under a heavy woolen blanket, beside a roaring fire now...but...naaah, I'm by my desk & almost can't feel my fingers cause it's 14.5 C inside & it's taking like forever to get my radiator s**t to work. *snarl* But - & that's a big BUT, I'm noooot going to be a grump about it. Cause it's my favorite time of year! The only thing that makes me grumpy is people celebrating yule, x-mas, etc. in october. Actually, I become grinchy when people get all dingly dangly bells & ♬deck the halls blablablablahblah♬ before december 1st. I get that preparing markets, parties & stuff like that needs to be done waaay ahead of time. But you're not getting me to dress up as Santa's little…


Ok, so maybe most people like to live in asylums. But when you brag about the crispy "Chi" pillows on your "Winter poetry" sofa, in your "Cotton" living room in your "Fashion" house & how the colours go so well together & how one brightens up the gives me this insane urge to scream: IT'S WHIIIIIIITE FOR F**K'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO MATTER WHAT SHADE OF THE FRIGGIN' COLOUR YOU CHOOSE, IT'S STILL WHITE!!!! EVERYTHING'S WHIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!!!! I'm not saying you should be allergic to white. Just open your eyes to other colours & textures, be experiMENTAL! Heck, it's stick your head outside & have a little looksie at the beautiful show nature displays these days. It's f'in awesome!!! Take a risk & welcome nature in for a couple of months! 

...then you'll have your precious white again - winter white. ;P
~Linn Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with defin…

Candle galore

I went away for a month & came home to an incredible deep blue sky...& the trees are all dressed up in the most beautiful autumn colours. I absolutely adore this time of year!!! ...& since the day puts on it's cloak of darkness a bit earlier each day, I get to see the stars twinkle a little longer too. Sometimes even a shooting star...& oh, how I wish for...I really shouldn't tell you that, should I? ;)
Sooo, tonight I've candle galore in the house. It's f'in freezing here, so candles & a cup of tea's helping me to mend the fact that I feel like a friggin' popsicle. Brrr!!! + Reading Madame Curie & listening to Tank ft. Chris Brown
So this is me when I read without music.
This is when the music plays. xD 'tard!
~Linn. Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to.  ~Author Unknown.

A bunny named Nill

My youngest niece & I've been doing a few arts & crafty things this summer. :) Not as much as I'd like to though... Anyway, here's a few pics! ♥
Meet Nill! The sweetest little bunny. We knitted Nill in a short afternoon. :) My niece had to do most of the work herself...& I think she did a smashing job! ♥
We even made this little hat out of cereal boxes, silk paper & glue. :P
Here's the back of my tiny cute nieces reminds me of the victorian era. ♥
The lace was glued around it, & then we just made a bow in the back. So sweet! ;P
At the front we just put together a few paper flowers & glued them on. :) Decorative! I'm definitively gonna make a scary one for myself at Halloween. :D So much fun. :P
~Linn. Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.  ~Author Unknown.

Blueberries & apple tea

I got such an autumn feeling today! :D
Been at the gym, & the walk back on the island was invigorating! Crisp air & a lovely blue sky. :D ...& now I'm sifting through some pictures I took yesterday, eating blueberries & drinking strong apple tea. ^^ 
Blueberries + apple tea = a happy me! The sign in the back says: I'm not bossy - I just have better ideas. ;)
This is probably the oldest building in Moss, built in 1683.  It's been a brewery, shoe factory, etc. Now a café. What I love about the building is the colour. I absolutely adore the subtle shade of pink. ♥
Hope you'll have a great day!!
~Linn The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Sea of ❀ ❀ ❀

Out of the ruins of Friday's devastation grew a garden of love. ♥
Here are more amazing pictures. :)
~Linn. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." ~From a headstone in Ireland.