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I 've been quite busy lately. Working, throwing up, having holiday workshops & cleaning out all the shite in my house. :) ...& not necessarily in that order. Plus I haven't been inspired to write anything...ergo nooo blog until now.  I got my tree up the 1st of december. That's somewhat of a tradition in my house. Feels like yule lasts a wee bit longer then. I'm not completely done with the tree though...not until the 23rd. So loads more pink, diamonds, pearls & rustic stuff to add. Btw I've been totally mesmerized by Colin Cowie's winter wonderland !!! I usually don't get all misty eyed when it comes to these things...but it was so over the top, yet so easy on the eye...I'm almost prone to call it simple. :P Check it out! <3 T hink I'm experiencing a natural merge between my obsession with all things victorian & reusing old stuff...& that I'm kinda ending up with steampunk. xD Oh my poor home...  B