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Written sometime in the morning...

Y ou know what pisses me off? People who feel sorry for themselves in a way that makes them infantile. ...& when they learn you have a diagnosis of some sorts they think they can come & complain, moan & groan to you. o.O It's like they enjoy wallowing in their own self-pity. & even more so - yours! :/ They even get offended when I say that there's nothing wrong with me. I mean...I'm not curled up in a corner jammering jibberish while I play with my imaginary flock of seaguls. I'm a functioning lunatic - as are everyone else in one way or another!! So why do they sit waaay up on their high horses & look down on people that actually are TRYING to go about with their lives regardless. That horse might kick them off some day. Doubtful, but maybe then they'll learn how to see things from a different perspective. Most likely they'll suffocate in the huge horse dung they fell face down in...cause they didn't know how to lift themselves out of t

Dream on...

H ad the longest week evaaaaaah! :P Been to meetings, courses, had a little Halloween shindig, worked, painted, rearranged, redesigned, revived & revised o.O...even managed to work out every day! :O Yeeeezzz, I even impress myself aaaiiiit?! ;P But I'm determined! Been thinking about dragging some poor sucker with me to the gym...but every time I get that brilliant idea I kinda remind myself on how much I loathe it. I like doing things like that alone. More efficient that way....just in, do my thing & out again. Going for a walk or stuff like that is's nice having someone to creep around with. :P  T he whole stress aspect of this past week isn't quite as blissful...had a major anxiety attack . Don't like them... I see it coming a mile away...but can't stop it. That worries me a lot! Cause I don't want it to grow bigger again & hinder me going about with my life. The anger's exhausting, consuming & it kills a little part of m