Rugged finish

After I had my appointments yesterday I decided to visit my oldest brother. I bought mojito & got him some macadamian nuts + a candle. Then told him all about the latest gossip. :P His grave had a nice flower arrangement. Misses a little lantern of some sort...but maybe I can get him one next time. :) Have to say it's better to be there in the summer...just sit on a blanket & have a pizza & some beers with friends. Hopefully I'll get to do that more next year. ^^ Know people think I'm a bit morbid by doing so. But honestly guys...isn't it better to remember the good times than hold on to all the bad stuff? Sure, I get emotional when I talk about him. But most of the time it's fun & goofy stuff. Both my mum & other brother said: "Say hello from us!" & that says a great deal I think. ;)
Had a sick amount of stuff floating around in my head after the visit to the doctors. Have to do weird balancing things at home 4 times a day. I'll do it...but I feel sooooo silly. :P  ...& my back hurt like hell. Have to find a good local chiropractor...maybe it'll fix me. ;) Think it's gonna help immensely with the new exercise program too. Actually very excited about that! :D 
Hit my head on a cupboard door today whilst painting some crates... That hurt quite a bit...even started to bleed. Think the crates will be very nice. Like it when it's painted but not a single piece of it is sanded down. Gives it a nice rugged finish. <3
Have to sleep now. Very tired...



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