I'm grateful I can smile, even though my body's in a lot of pain. That I can laugh in the midst of a terrifying situation. Even stand, walk & run, when all I wanna do is lay down & sleep. Grateful I can be a shoulder to cry on, even though I sure could need one too. But most of all I'm grateful that I have the ability to rise every single time I fall. Without leaning on someone. By just finding the strength within. Hope people recognize & are grateful for those qualities in me...& start smiling too. ;)

Been in Scotland & took a bit too many pics btw. Sooo it's taking some time to sort through them...but I think I'll be finished in a couple of days. ^^
...& I feel like I could explode these days! So full of ideas! But don't really find the stuff needed to create all of them. Really annoying. BUT thank the gods for pen & paper! :P At least I can scribble it all down. Love the world's kinda happy, light & tingly. ;D



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