Feeling gay! ;)

For those of you lovelies that complain about my grammar: 

#1. I'm NORWEGIAN!!! 
#2. Can't really be bothered to correct my wrongs.
#3. RELAX! I'm just as lousy in my own language... ;D

I had the most fabulous day today! Made a few things, revamped even more, got a GORGEOUS handwritten letter in the mail <3 & took loads of pictures! The weather outside was amazing! Almost crawled around in the streets just to get a good look at all the rotting leaves. Plus the smell outside is kinda making me high. :P I've been humming Sam Sparro's "Black & Gold" all day. & seriously thinking about getting one of those canes & putting my top hat on, doing a Fred Astaire...but without the rain. ;) I watched Adam Lambert's "If I had you" video a few times this afternoon...& I would love to see what the reactions would be like if people started to dance like that in the streets. xD *Happy-clap* ...& I often wonder if they'd lock me up in a padded room with a "hug-thyself"-jacket for being happy? The reactions I get when I'm happy is incredible! People wonder why I'm positive, why I smile, giggle, laugh out loud...they actually ask! 1st of all - I WANT to be happy! 2nd - I STRUGGLE to be happy! 3rd - I work HARD to stay that way! ...& wtf is wrong with smiling? It doesn't make me stupid or ditzy...or any less creative, serious & so on if I smile. Care to try it? Takes less muscles to smile ya know! ;) 
Oooh! Tomorrow I'm gonna learn how to reuppolster furniture! It's a course that'll run over a few nights. Don't ask me how it happened...it just did. Like everything else that's GOOD in my life. ;D I'm quite excited about it actually. & I'll try to take some pictures. But can't promise that they'll get posted. :P I'm kinda forgetful at times...as you know. ^^

Some crates that got a lick of oil paint & some words
-handpainted as always. ;P Probably should make
some stencils...but oh well! ;P Haha! Kinda full of it.

Feel like I've just let a huge pile of feelings plunge outta me...like a projectile word vomit of some sorts. :P Well, tea time!!! So I'll leave you with two wise men:

"Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln.




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