Getting ready to head out in the world. cup of tea, a shower & I'm off. :) Kinda excited 'bout today. Gonna do a lot of balance things. Then do a test to see if my vertigo is completely gone. I doubt it...but hopeful! Had two incidents lately. Just hoping it's stress or something. ^^ ...after that I'm gonna see someone about my insanely slow metabolism. Get some pointers on how to boost it. :) ...cause right now nothing seem to work. Besides the pills anyway. :P For those who's adamant about me just being lazy - sod off! How about spending some time with me instead? You know...some good old fashioned face to face interaction to reconnect. ;) <3

Been thinking a lot about Scotland. Can't wait to go back to stand on more soft mounds & peek around even more quirky corners. :D I'll leave you with a little dot of Edinburgh'ish color...

A rose pic'd at the castle's foundation. ;)


Lillesøster´n said…
haha tusen takk <333

håper det gik bra med testen :D

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