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LazZzy zZzunday...


Feeling gay! ;)

For those of you lovelies that complain about my grammar:  #1. I'm NORWEGIAN !!!  #2. Can't really be bothered to correct my wrongs. #3. RELAX! I'm just as lousy in my own language... ;D I had the most fabulous day today! Made a few things, revamped even more, got a GORGEOUS handwritten letter in the mail <3 & took loads of pictures! The weather outside was amazing! Almost crawled around in the streets just to get a good look at all the rotting leaves. Plus the smell outside is kinda making me high. :P I've been humming Sam Sparro's "Black & Gold" all day. & seriously thinking about getting one of those canes & putting my top hat on, doing a Fred Astaire...but without the rain. ;) I watched Adam Lambert's "If I had you" video a few times this afternoon...& I would love to see what the reactions would be like if people started to dance like that in the streets. xD *Happy-clap* ...& I often wonde

Rugged finish

A fter I had my appointments yesterday I decided to visit my oldest brother. I bought mojito & got him some macadamian nuts + a candle. Then told him all about the latest gossip. :P His grave had a nice flower arrangement. Misses a little lantern of some sort...but maybe I can get him one next time. :) Have to say it's better to be there in the summer...just sit on a blanket & have a pizza & some beers with friends. Hopefully I'll get to do that more next year. ^^ Know people think I'm a bit morbid by doing so. But honestly guys...isn't it better to remember the good times than hold on to all the bad stuff? Sure, I get emotional when I talk about him. But most of the time it's fun & goofy stuff. Both my mum & other brother said: "Say hello from us!" & that says a great deal I think. ;) H ad a sick amount of stuff floating around in my head after the visit to the doctors. Have to do weird balancing things at home 4 times a day. I'


G etting ready to head out in the world. cup of tea, a shower & I'm off. :) Kinda excited 'bout today. Gonna do a lot of balance things. Then do a test to see if my vertigo is completely gone. I doubt it...but hopeful! Had two incidents lately. Just hoping it's stress or something. ^^ ...after that I'm gonna see someone about my insanely slow metabolism. Get some pointers on how to boost it. :) ...cause right now nothing seem to work. Besides the pills anyway. :P For those who's adamant about me just being lazy - sod off! How about spending some time with me instead? You know...some good old fashioned face to face interaction to reconnect. ;)  <3 B een thinking a lot about Scotland. Can't wait to go back to stand on more soft mounds & peek around even more quirky corners. :D I'll leave you with a little dot of Edinburgh'ish color... A rose pic'd at the castle 's foundation. ;)

Had a good day. ^^

S melling like paint, with my feet up, drinking white tea & staring at Castle  ! Had a good day. :) when people have vast knowledge about things. That you show them or ask them something & they come up with an answer quicker than lightning. :) I asked someone about a little pillbox thingy my mum's uncle had. Cause my curiosity is extreme. Even if a toothpick catches my eyes I wanna know more about it. Like who had it...why is it there...blablabla. ;P He immediately said it looked like the Kosovo-Albania's flag. & it probably was just a tourist thing. :D But I got all giddy & the voice inside screamed: "YEAY! Happy-clap!" ...but now I have a ton more questions. Why did uncle have it? Where did he buy it? Did they go on vacation? Was it work? :P ...& what's up with the lion in the middle of it? Looks like the Macedonian lion...but think it's lacking a crown. You can see for yourself. ^^ Crap pic as usual... ;P I love old things th


I 'm grateful I can smile, even though my body's in a lot of pain. That I can laugh in the midst of a terrifying situation. Even stand, walk & run, when all I wanna do is lay down & sleep. Grateful I can be a shoulder to cry on, even though I sure could need one too. But most of all I'm grateful that I have the ability to rise every single time I fall. Without leaning on someone. By just finding the strength within. Hope people recognize & are grateful for those qualities in me...& start smiling too. ;) B een in Scotland & took a bit too many pics btw. Sooo it's taking some time to sort through them...but I think I'll be finished in a couple of days. ^^ ...& I feel like I could explode these days! So full of ideas! But don't really find the stuff needed to create all of them. Really annoying. BUT thank the gods for pen & paper! :P At least I can scribble it all down. Love the world's kinda happy, light & tingly